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City Guide

Explore the historical Old Town and the famed market square, where medieval buildings and Renaissance architecture meet popular cafés, bustling restaurants and secret gardens, in this city renowned for art and creativity.

  • PURO Hotel Poznan 016
    Eat & Drink

    @ Poznań

    Settle in and get ready to savour our creative interpretations of classic dishes and drinks. Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks until late with room service available too, Nifty is a modern melange of world cuisine.

    Żydowska 20, 61-761 Poznań

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Grand Theatre of Stanislaw Moniuszko

    Grand Theatre of Stanislaw Moniuszko

    Open map

    Opera with style! Carmen and Traviata on the stage of the centenarian theater is an unforgettable experience.

    Fredry 9
    (+48) 61 659 02 00

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Charlie & Monroe Cinema

    Charlie & Monroe Cinema

    Open map

    Intimate studio theater with a captivating atmosphere: there are black and white photos of celebrities and shelves full of old books on the walls, and a restored neon outside. The magic of the cinema is mirrored in the premieres of niche productions.

    Rybaki 6a
    (+48) 61 877 24 95

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Concordia Taste
    Eat & Drink

    Concordia Taste

    Open map

    In the center of creativity in Poznan there is a restaurant which is the essence of the food design ideas: concept, quality and taste.

    Zwierzyniecka 3

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Suszone Pomidory
    Eat & Drink

    Suszone Pomidory

    Open map

    According to some - the best pizza in Poznań. Vegetables and herbs from their own garden, meat from the smokehouse and eco wines make the spot truly special.

    Św. Czesława 13
    (+48) 530 838 100

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Modra Kuchnia
    Eat & Drink

    Modra Kuchnia

    Open map

    A cosy place full of flavour: excellent interpretations of the Polish cuisine classics. The warmth and simplicity visible both on the plate and in the interior.

    Mickiewicza 18
    (+48) 730 223 387

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Fat Bob Burger
    Eat & Drink

    Fat Bob Burger

    Open map

    The ideal burger: the bun, toppings and sides are all homemade. Mostly for meat lovers, with vegetarian options available.

    Kramarska 21
    (+48) 794 939 333

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Lars, Lars & Lars
    Eat & Drink

    Lars, Lars & Lars

    Open map

    The quintessence of Scandinavia in Poznan: the interior and menu made out of respect for nature, man and community. A cosy restaurant in the heart of the City Park complex.

    Wojskowa 4
    (+48) 665 509 895

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan SPOT.
    Eat & Drink


    Open map

    A unique space at the crossroads of fashion, design, cuisine and architecture. Here you’ll eat well, go shopping, take part in family workshops or the local breakfast run.

    Dolna Wilda 87
    (+48) 61 835 88 40

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Piece of Cake
    Eat & Drink

    Piece of Cake

    Open map

    Mecca for coffee lovers, including those advanced, because the young owners have a wide knowledge in this field. Think Kenya on ice and coconut cheesecake in cosy vibes.

    Św. Wojciech 27
    (+48) 793 247 670

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Stragan Kawiarnia
    Eat & Drink

    Stragan Kawiarnia

    Open map

    They know how to squeeze the best out of black coffee. A veritable laboratory of power.

    Ratajczaka 31
    (+48) 789 233 965

  • Eat & Drink

    Yetztu Ramen

    Open map

    Japanese broth with homemade noodles in several versions. Legend has it that the beef broth is second to none. Mandatory with a glass of plum wine.

    Krysiewicza 6
    (+48) 61 840 17 12

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Lodziarnia
    Eat & Drink


    Open map

    A paradise for lovers of chilled sweets: here you get a taste of a variety of ice cream, also vegan and gluten-free.

    Wroniecka 17
    (+48) 788 670 935

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Muga
    Eat & Drink


    Open map

    Classic, fine dining menu, elegant interior and a great location nearby the Old Town make it a perfect place for a unique dinner.

    Krysiewicza 5
    (+48) 61 855 10 35

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Old Market Square and Town Hall
    Must see

    Old Market Square and Town Hall

    Open map

    One of the largest historic market squares in Europe with a unique town hall. The hub of “daylife”, nightlife and cultural life.

    Stary Rynek

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Church of St. Stanislaus
    Must see

    Church of St. Stanislaus

    Open map

    An ornamental pink facade which hides a lot of secrets: a ghost of famous pipe organs, underground open to visitors, and numerous sculptures and chapels.

    Klasztorna 11
    (+48) 61 852 69 50

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Cathedral Island
    Must see

    Cathedral Island

    Open map

    A picturesque island situated on the Warta River, full of monuments, cafes and the magical atmosphere.

    Ostrów Tumski

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Bazar
    Must see


    Open map

    The stylish complex of buildings at Paderewskiego street is home to exclusive boutiques, restaurants and the famous Hotel Bazar. The symbol of Poznan!

    Paderewskiego 7

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan ICHOT Gate of Poznań
    Must see

    ICHOT Gate of Poznań

    Open map

    The interactive center of heritage in the very heart of Srodka, Poznan. The modern building is the repository of knowledge about Ostrow Tumski and the beginnings of Poland.

    Gdańska 2
    (+48) 61 647 7629

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Archaeological Reserve Genius Loci
    Must see

    Archaeological Reserve Genius Loci

    Open map

    The facility of Poznan Archaeological Museum, located on Cathedral Island, combining tradition with modern technology. It hides the great 3D work of medieval engineering!

    Posadzego 3
    (+48) 61 852 21 67

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul
    Must see

    Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

    Open map

    The oldest cathedral in Poland (968), a treasure trove of religious art and living history museum. Plus the magical atmosphere of the Cathedral Island!

    Ostrów Tumski 17
    (+48) 61 852 96 42

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Citadel Park
    Must see

    Citadel Park

    Open map

    Poznań's largest park, a perfect place for a picnic and a walk, as well as for the contemplation of art - in the park there are the famous sculptures of Magdalena Abakanowicz.

    al. Armii Poznań

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Sołacki Park
    Must see

    Sołacki Park

    Open map

    The picturesque park in a residential area Sołacz. Respite from the hustle and bustle in the English style.


  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Historical Museum of Poznań
    Must see

    Historical Museum of Poznań

    Open map

    The museum located in the renaissance Town Hall is a repository of knowledge about Poznan from the twelfth century to the present day.

    Stary Rynek 1
    (+48) 61 856 81 93

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Okrąglak
    Must see


    Open map

    Once a cult department store, today a revitalised office center. The 60-year-old local gem of modernism.

    Mielżyńskiego 17

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Raczyński Library

    Raczyński Library

    Open map

    For sightseeing or reading: the beautiful building of the municipal library attracts both with architecture and collections of books and multimedia.

    Plac Wolności 19
    (+48) 61 852 98 68

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Poznań Archaeological Museum
    Must see

    Poznań Archaeological Museum

    Open map

    Here you will learn about the history of the ancient Egypt, Africa and the Great Poland. What's more - you can throw an untypical birthday party or download educational podcast!

    Wodna 27
    (+48) 61 852 82 51

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Franciscan Church
    Must see

    Franciscan Church

    Open map

    Beautiful baroque interior, excellent acoustics, a distinctive solar facade, and numerous concerts of talented musicians!

    Franciszkańska 2
    (+48) 61 852 36 37

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Concordia Design

    Concordia Design

    Open map

    The centre of business innovation and creativity, where you’ll have delicious lunch, take part in workshops and conferences, and see various exhibitions.

    Zwierzyniecka 3
    (+48) 61 667 44 00

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Imperial Castle

    Imperial Castle

    Open map

    Full of chambers, gardens and historic nooks, the building was built in honor of the last German Emperor Wilhelm II, and today it’s a vibrant center of culture and art.

    Św. Marcin 80/82

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Malta Lake

    Malta Lake

    Open map

    Poznan water sports center, also perfect for a trip or a family picnic. Take the local small-gauge train to get there.

    (+48) (61) 876 60 11

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Arsenal Municipal Gallery

    Arsenal Municipal Gallery

    Open map

    The cult art gallery in the heart of the Old Town, where you will see exhibitions, buy unique albums and publications, and take part in workshops and lectures.

    Stary Rynek 6
    (+48) 61 852 95 01

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan National Museum

    National Museum

    Open map

    The modernist building of the museum hides one of the largest painting collections in Poland. The place can boast of great permanent exhibitions as well as contemporary art, including neons of Poznan.

    Aleje Marcinkowskiego 9
    (+48) 61 856 80 00

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Brovaria


    Open map

    A small brewery with a great beer! The fusion of tradition and modernity: a unique house in the heart of Old Town is a brewery, a restaurant and atmospheric hotel.

    Stary Rynek 76
    (+48) 61 858 68 68

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Dragon


    Open map

    Here the real nightlife in Poznan comes: the decadent atmosphere, extraordinary concerts, cultural events and artistic souls.

    Zamkowa 3
    (+48) 796 877 775

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Źródło Bar

    Źródło Bar

    Open map

    The owners, fascinated with design and youth nightlife culture, created a must-visit cocktail bar for every party animal.

    Taczaka 15
    (+48) 792 752 132

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Winiarnia Pod Czarnym Kotem

    Winiarnia Pod Czarnym Kotem

    Open map

    Here the local culture of the Grunwald district meets the global. You’ll find mussels, wines from all over the world, summer night cinema, rooftop concerts and art happenings.

    Wolsztyńska 1
    (+48) 506 041 700

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Ipnotic Design Store

    Ipnotic Design Store

    Open map

    A ‘hipnotic’ room with design in a marvellous corner of Poznan. Here you will find pearls of commercial art, authorial photographies, an real design icons of well-known brands such as Vitra, Moroso, Zięta.

    Zakręt 8
    (+48) 61 866 00 10

  • Shopping

    Old Brewery Shopping Center

    Open map

    Arts and Business Center: the perfect combination of commerce and culture in a beautifully restored interior of the nineteenth-century brewery.

    Półwiejska 42

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Min's Table
    Eat & Drink

    Min's Table

    Open map

    Cosy communal table place ran by a Polish-Korean couple, serving authentic bibimbap. Make sure to try the korean fried chicken, too.

    Kraszewskiego 14

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Winelove
    Eat & Drink


    Open map

    The first (and only) natural wine shop in Poznań. Make sure to check out their social media accounts for occasional informal tastings.

    23 Lutego 9

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan F***ing Delicious
    Eat & Drink

    F***ing Delicious

    Open map

    The food really lives up to this restaurant's (rather pretentious) name. Great produce and inventive dishes coupled with informal ambience and great service. Definitely worth a visit.

    Wojskowa 4, box 2/3

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Agata Bieleń

    Agata Bieleń

    Open map

    Szewska 14

  • PURO CityGuide Poznan Falla
    Eat & Drink


    Open map

    While Falla is already a Poland-wide franchise, it originated in Poznań's Jeżyce district. This place is still one of the local favorites for vegetarian and vegan Middle Eastern fare. As the name would suggest - you shouldn't miss the falafel.

    Wawrzyniaka 19