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City Guide

Discover Poland’s cultural capital through the charming Kleparz neighbourhood, one of Kraków’s oldest markets. The nearby Old Town, with its maze of ancient winding streets, is just minutes away.

  • PURO Hotels Kazimierz Halicka 003
    Eat & Drink

    @ Cracow Kazimierz

    A fusion of local produce and modern gastronomy, Halicka serves small plates and mains of meat, fish, vegetarian, and a range of desserts. While, our bar is here to wet your whistle with cocktails, wines, and more until late.

    Halicka 14a

  • PURO Hotel Krakow Kazimierz Mak 0013
    Eat & Drink

    @ Cracow Kazimierz

    Nothing makes a morning like fresh, crisp bread or a warm cinnamon bun. That’s why at PURO Krakow Kazimierz we have our own bakery specializing in morning baked goods and seasonal desserts, including some vegan options. Wash it all down with a cup of fresh-brewed specialty HAYB coffee.

    Przemyska 5

  • PURO Hotel Krakow Oldtown FB 003
    Eat & Drink

    @ Cracow Old Town

    Hint serves contemporary cuisine inspired by street food. A stylish bistro where you will try classic dishes in new scenes accompanied with perfect seasonal cocktails. Serving breakfast through to dinner seven days a week, with room service available too.

    Ogrodowa 10

  • PURO CityGuide  Lokator Kawa & Książki
    Eat & Drink

    Lokator Kawa & Książki

    Open map

    A cozy cafe, where, among the countless book-shelves you can read, meditate, have a cup of good coffee and a piece of homemade cake.

    Mostowa 1

  • PURO CityGuide  Bottiglieria 1881
    Eat & Drink

    Bottiglieria 1881

    Open map

    Wine bar and restaurant hidden in Kazimierz, with a stunning interior with handmade decorations carved in stone, wood and steel, where menu is based on refined ingredients and Polish recipes.

    Bocheńska 5
    (+48) 660 661 756

  • PURO CityGuide  Academy of Music Rooftop Bar
    Eat & Drink

    Academy of Music Rooftop Bar

    Open map

    In this secret place on the top floor of Academy of Music there is an ordinary bar with an extraordinary terrace known for several Polish film productions, overlooking St. Mary’s Church, the Market Square and surrounding tenement houses.

    Świętego Tomasza 43
    (+48) 12 423 20 81

  • PURO CityGuide  Karakter
    Eat & Drink


    Open map

    Beautiful interior alluding to the 30s, not for vegetarians, but for those who seek adventure and culinary thrill, with a daring, controversial menu including clams and bacon, based on offals and served with natural wines.

    Brzozowa 17
    (+48) 795 818 123

  • PURO CityGuide  Zazie Bistro
    Eat & Drink

    Zazie Bistro

    Open map

    A charming French bistro imitating Parisian streets with lanterns, benches and a truly romantic French culinary classics: onion soup, foie gras, snails in garlic butter, beef bourguignon, chestnut tart, la poire belle Helene and a variety of natural wines.

    Józefa 34
    (+48) 500 410 829

  • PURO CityGuide  Twój Kucharz
    Eat & Drink

    Twój Kucharz

    Open map

    A culinary flower at the industrial Zablocie district, where the local products of the Lesser Poland create a truly Polish flavour. The seasonal menu is accompanied by a variety of natural wine.

    Ślusarska 3 lokal 1
    (+48) 12 353 01 04

  • PURO CityGuide  Meat&Go
    Eat & Drink


    Open map

    A paradise for carnivores with legendary ribs, porchetta classic and pulled pork. The food is a hallmark of this masterfully-designed place in the combo of the entertainment, Tytano. Grab a glass of wine and a bowl of pickles to start.

    Krupnicza 3
    (+48) 602 691 996

  • PURO CityGuide  Karma
    Eat & Drink


    Open map

    One of the best vegetarian bars with delicious breakfasts and gourmet coffee from self-roasted beans that is best enjoyed together with a piece of a vegan cake.

    Krupnicza 12
    (+48) 662 387 281

  • PURO CityGuide  Hummus Amamamusi
    Eat & Drink

    Hummus Amamamusi

    Open map

    Hummus lovers claim that there’s no better place to eat hummus than this tiny bar, which serves it in more than 20 flavours! This temple of healthy food offers local products, jams, pickles, soups and homemade lemonade as well as vegan and gluten-free Middle East breakfasts.

    Meiselsa 4
    (+48) 533 306 288

  • PURO CityGuide  Sababa
    Eat & Drink


    Open map

    In the interior of this cocktail club elegance meets the aesthetics of the Middle East, and so do drinks, combining unusual flavours based on tahini, cardamon and arrack - all of this in the rhythm of house and funk.

    Szeroka 2
    (+48) 577 888 198

  • PURO CityGuide  Wyszukane Desery Braci Szewczenko
    Eat & Drink

    Wyszukane Desery Braci Szewczenko

    Open map

    Premium class confectionery, where brothers Roman and Sergei Shevchenko prepare dessert masterpieces on the basis of old family recipes and high-quality ingredients.

    Rynek Kleparski 14
    (+48) 737 468 378

  • PURO CityGuide  The Barbican
    Must see

    The Barbican

    Open map

    The relic of Gothic fortification, colloquially called Rondel (“saucepan”), nowadays provides tourists with attractions including knight-fight, court dances shows, and medieval genre scenes reenactments.


  • PURO CityGuide  Market Square
    Must see

    Market Square

    Open map

    Spread from St Florian’s Gate to Royal Wawel Castle, it is the largest medieval town square in Europe.

  • PURO CityGuide  The Church of St. Peter & Paul
    Must see

    The Church of St. Peter & Paul

    Open map

    Statues of the 12 Apostles welcome you to the outstanding baroque church known for its Foucault’s pendulum.

    Grodzka 52
    (+48) 12 350 63 65

  • PURO CityGuide  Kazimierz District
    Must see

    Kazimierz District

    Open map

    Lively from dusk to dawn, the old Jewish quarter, which 7 synagogues, an infinite number of bars, clubs and restaurants, luxury boutiques and indigenous people add a unique charm.

  • PURO CityGuide  Kościuszko Mound
    Must see

    Kościuszko Mound

    Open map

    Tadeusz Kosciuszko Monument and a symbol of independence and the struggle for freedom, at the same time an element of military architecture offering one of the most beautiful panoramas of Cracow.
    (+48) 12 425 11 16

  • PURO CityGuide  St. Florian's Gate
    Must see

    St. Florian's Gate

    Open map

    The last preserved medieval town gate, a part of the former fortifications, and an outdoor art gallery.


  • PURO CityGuide  Town Hall Tower
    Must see

    Town Hall Tower

    Open map

    The surviving Gothic tower of the demolished Krakow's City Hall, a branch of the Historical Museum of Krakow located in one of the most beautiful Gothic interiors in Krakow.

    Rynek Główny 1
    (+48) 12 426 43 34

  • PURO CityGuide  St. Mary's Basilica
    Must see

    St. Mary's Basilica

    Open map

    Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, known as Saint Mary's, has a unique, made up of 200 wooden figures late-Gothic altar of Veit Stoss. At the church tower, every hour a firefighter plays the bugle call, a musical symbol of Krakow.

    Plac Mariacki 5
    (+48) 12 422 05 21

  • PURO CityGuide  Collegium Maius
    Must see

    Collegium Maius

    Open map

    The oldest building of the Jagiellonian University with a collection of scientific instruments, including Gerard Mercator’s globes and Arab astrolabe from the 11th century - the apparatus thanks to which Karol Olszewski and Zygmunt distilled oxygen and nitrogen from liquefied air in 1883.

    Jagiellońska 15
    (+48) 12 663 13 07

  • PURO CityGuide  Adam Mickiewicz Monument
    Must see

    Adam Mickiewicz Monument

    Open map

    Krakow's most recognizable monument of the outstanding Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz, surrounded by figures symbolizing the motherland, science, bravery and poetry; also a benchmark for manifestation, lovers and the lost.

    Rynek Główny

  • PURO CityGuide  Church of St. Adalbert
    Must see

    Church of St. Adalbert

    Open map

    Located at the end of the Market Square in Grodzka Street, a tiny church in the Baroque style, where, as tradition has it, Saint Adalbert would preach.

    Plac Mariacki 6
    (+48) 12 422 83 52

  • PURO CityGuide  Remuh Synagogue & Jewish Cemetery
    Must see

    Remuh Synagogue & Jewish Cemetery

    Open map

    The Renaissance synagogue, named after the rabbi and rector of Yeshiva, Remuh, is surrounded by the oldest Jewish cemetery of Krakow with 711 tombstones. The fragments of tombstones which could not have been saved were incorporated into the cemetery wall, creating the so-called ‘wailing wall’.

    Szeroka 40
    (+48) 12 430 54 11

  • PURO CityGuide  The Old Synagogue
    Must see

    The Old Synagogue

    Open map

    The oldest Polish synagogue, which dates back to the 15th century. It houses a permanent exhibition on the history and culture of Cracovian Jews.

    Szeroka 24
    (+48) 12 422 09 62

  • PURO CityGuide  The High Synagogue
    Must see

    The High Synagogue

    Open map

    The only Polish synagogue with a prayer hall on the first floor, hence the name. Now a venue for concerts and exhibitions, with unusual, narrow and high facade reinforced with four buttresses and three semi-circular windows.

    Józefa 38
    (+48) 12 430 68 89

  • PURO CityGuide  Tempel Synagogue
    Must see

    Tempel Synagogue

    Open map

    The young progressive synagogue ‘Tempel’ dates back to the 1860’s. Its eclectic silhouette with neo-roman elements has become a symbol of modern Kazimierz and its multiculturalism. Now not only a place of prayer, but also cultural events and concerts.

    Miodowa 24
    (+48) 12 429 57 35

  • PURO CityGuide  St. Catherine's Church
    Must see

    St. Catherine's Church

    Open map

    Church with a Gothic tapered silhouette and ascetic interior, adjoined to the monastery of Augustinian Sisters by a covered porch at the picturesque Skaleczna Street. A monastic cubbyhole for Gothic wall paintings.

    Augustiańska 7
    (+48) 12 430 62 42

  • PURO CityGuide  Monument of Ghetto Heroes
    Must see

    Monument of Ghetto Heroes

    Open map

    Located on the former site of the piedmont ghetto, commemorating its liquidation, it is an eloquent monument in the form of 33 monumental cast-iron and 37 regular chairs.

    plac Bohaterów Getta

  • PURO CityGuide  Błonia Park
    Must see

    Błonia Park

    Open map

    The gigantic meadow in the city center, a short while ago with grazing cows, a place for Sunday walks of Cracovians, dog lovers and students, with a stunning view over the Kosciuszko Mound.

    Aleja 3 Maja

  • PURO CityGuide  Planty
    Must see


    Open map

    The green ring of trees and lawns around the center of Krakow. Sit down on the bench and take a breath admiring the numerous monuments of the city.

    Stare Miasto

  • PURO CityGuide  Botanical Garden
    Must see

    Botanical Garden

    Open map

    The oldest Polish botanical garden with over 5000 plants spread over 10 hectares, including 230-year-old Jagiellonian oak, arboretum, biblical plants known from The Old and The New Testament, alpinarium and a huge collection of exotic plants in three glasshouses.

    Mikołaja Kopernika 27
    (+48) 12 421 26 20

  • PURO CityGuide  Royal Wawel Castle

    Royal Wawel Castle

    Open map

    The heart of Polishness, the Polish culture and history. This time machine is home to Polish kings and prominent figures. Legend has it that there is a chakra.

    Wawel 5
    (+48) 12 422 51 55

  • PURO CityGuide  MOCAK


    Open map

    This architectural pearl of Claudio Nardi, combining old buildings of the Schindler’s Factory with modern museum design, is the headquarter of the international collection of the avant-garde artworks of the twentieth century.

    Lipowa 4
    (+48) 12 263 40 00

  • PURO CityGuide  Schindler's Factory Museum

    Schindler's Factory Museum

    Open map

    The former headquarter of the German Enamelware Factory, the heroine of Steven Spielberg's ‘Schindler's List’. Today it houses the unusual multimedia permanent exhibition ‘Kraków under Nazi Occupation 1939–1945’

    Lipowa 4F
    (+48) 12 257 10 17

  • PURO CityGuide  Forum Przestrzenie / Club 89

    Forum Przestrzenie

    Open map

    A bar and a cultural centre in the former Forum Hotel, with the view over Wawel. Occupied mostly by the locals, it is space for social events, signature cuisine.

    Marii Konopnickiej 28
    (+48) 515 424 724

  • PURO CityGuide  Bunkier Sztuki Gallery

    Bunkier Sztuki Gallery

    Open map

    The city art gallery exhibiting classics of the Polish and contemporary art in the 60’s iconic building.

    plac Szczepański 3a
    (+48) 12 422 10 52

  • PURO CityGuide  Museum of Japanese Art and Technology "Manggha"

    Museum of Japanese Art and Technology "Manggha"

    Open map

    Founded by Andrzej Wajda and Krystyna Zachwatowicz museum frequently called the Polish architectural icon. It permanently displays unique collections of a writer and art collector, Feliks "Manggha" Jasieński, as well as the artworks of contemporary Polish and Japanese artists; all of it intertwined with numerous concerts and workshops.

    Marii Konopnickiej 26
    (+48) 12 267 27 03

  • PURO CityGuide  Cricoteka


    Open map

    A modern building dominating the right bank of the Vistula River, the headquarter of "Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor”, which presents the heritage of the artist and works of other contemporary artists creating under his influence. On the top floor there is a cafe overlooking Kazimierz and the industrial territories of Zablocie.

    Nadwiślańska 2-4
    (+48) 12 421 69 75

  • PURO CityGuide  Alchemia Club

    Alchemia Club

    Open map

    The first club in Kazimierz, which design refers to the distant past of Galicia and the pre-war housing decors of real Cracovians. In the basement there are jazz concerts and DJs every weekend.

    Estery 5
    (+48) 12 421 22 00

  • PURO CityGuide  Bunkier Sztuki Cafe

    Bunkier Sztuki Cafe

    Open map

    Beer garden in front of the Art Bunker, a dating spot for the whole Krakow, regardless of age. Thanks to the transparent plastic curtains, love, good coffee and tasty breakfast, it is charming all year long.

    Plac Szczepański 3a
    (+48) 12 431 05 85

  • PURO CityGuide  Mercy Brown

    Mercy Brown

    Open map

    You will not find a signboard here - it is a secret cocktail club decorated in the style of American Prohibition with a hint of discreet charm of luxury. Original drinks enchant with their surprising combination of flavors, whereas live burlesque is the icing on the cake.

    Straszewskiego 28
    (+48) 531 706 692

  • PURO CityGuide  Józefa Street (Kazimierz)

    Józefa Street (Kazimierz)

    Open map

    Formerly called Jewish (“Żydowska”), later named after the emperor Joseph II, a place known for its artistic atmosphere, countless art galleries, craftworks, restaurants, clubs and designer boutiques.