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SPA Treatments

Spend some quality time

Step off the treadmill for a moment of ‘me-time’, maybe a 25-minute ‘Flash’ facial or comforting foot massage, just part of your relaxed modern lifestyle. Or if you're looking for something even more luxurious, settle in with our friendly, skillful staff for a sumptuous treat that will give you (back) your glow, whether it's a firming peel, scrumptious body wrap or mood-enhancing aromatherapy massage. All our 'potions and lotions' are by Alba1913, Poland’s most historic and esteemed producers of health and beauty products.

And it's not just about treatments - with PRISMA you're sorted for all kinds of wellness fun. 


For a mid-day refresh or to recharge after a high-pressure day, these quick & effective treatments are ideal - a modern life must-have!

  1. Flash Face

    Reveals / Revitalises / Calms

    25 min - 149 PLN

  2. Flash Body

    Exfoliates / Purifies / Moisturises

    25 min - 149 PLN

  3. Flash Hands

    Rescues / Conditions / Perfects

    25 min - 149 PLN

  4. Flash Feet

    Refreshes / Protects / Regenerates

    25 min - 149 PLN

  5. Flash Massage

    Unwinds / Stimulates / Calms

    25 min - 149 PLN