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Mateusz Szczypiński

Born in 1984 in Piekary Śląskie. In 2009 he graduated from History of Art at Jagiellonian University and in 2012 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow.

Mateusz Szczypiński picked up collage to face the eternal question what is art/painting today, and what are their limits. He borrows from quotations and pieces that have entered popular vocabulary. He refers to the period preceding postmodernism, where a piece of art enjoyed a specific standing, while an artist was approached as a genius or demiurge. He explores interrelations between the sacred and the profane; a copy and an original – why these borders are effacing, with every reproduction, a copy of a copy, and why contact with the original is of second importance.



The painting, which was included in the PURO Warszawa collection, belongs to museum series and is a reference to Peter Bruegel’s Netherlandish Proverbs. Through these works I try to build an “internal”, very personal museum, composed more of impressions of certain works, rather than specific images. It is a series about works that are “extracted” from their original contexts and time frames in which they were created and embedded in new ones. For me personally, it is also a game with the traditional concept of collage, which I understand as something more than just playing with paper, but as interweaving certain threads and aesthetics with each other, also within a uniform medium, which is painting.


Q: How does your passion for collecting affect your art?


A: Collecting is certainly one of the factors that contributed to the creation of the series. The desire to surround myself with art, expand my collections through conscious choices, is what builds this internal museum. In my opinion, every collector is an artist creating a collage of the works he has accumulated. In my work I refer to a “virtual” collection, a collection of paintings that are important to me, which I reinterpret for myself.

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