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Aleksandra Loska

Born in Gdańsk in 1989. Graduated from the Academy of Photography in Warsaw and Multimedia Communication at the University of Fine Arts in Poznan. Aleksandra Loska’s work is focused on abstraction and minimalism. Her aim is to break through the boundaries of realism in her works, and experiment with form. She uses photography to create unusual situations.

For a living she specializes in still life photography and working with objects: accessories, flowers, food and paper to name a few.



Works Sea No. 10 and No. 12 are part of a large series devoted to the sea. Eleven years have passed since I left Gdańsk, where I was born. By creating compositions by the sea, I pay homage to it and my past.


Q: For many people, photography is a tool for recording reality. How much space is there for creativity?

A: 100%. Before I press the shutter button, I know exactly what effect I want to achieve.
I try to make the photo resemble a painting. I design photographs in my head using imagination, sensitivity and instinct. I create the scenery myself, choose the right place, time and decide on photographic equipment. All this allows me to bring my idea to life.

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