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Michał Loba

Graphic designer and illustrator. He creates posters for cultural events, concerts, performances, and designs publications. He has logos for Warsaw cafes in his portfolio and his illustrations have appeared in many Polish magazines. He designed for Esquire UK, as well as for the largest portal dedicated to design in general – It’s Nice That.



The works prepared by me for Puro were inspired by places and objects in Warsaw, which evoke special memories: the Vistula river, the Rainbow on Savior Square, Swiss Valley Park and Hala Mirowska. All these places are personified by the figure of a woman with attributes.

 Q: Is there such a thing as “Polish style” of illustration?

A: I think that with the Internet, instagram and pinterest, the geographical divisions are a bit blurred when it comes to style in illustration. I think it can be said that Polish style is one that refers to the Polish School of Posters, but not necessarily. When it comes to contemporary Polish illustration, the first name that comes to my mind is Ola Niepsuj!

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