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Magdalena Karpińska


Magdalena Karpińska is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw where she studied under the supervision of Jarosław Modzelewski and Mirosław Duchowski. A prolific painter and illustrator, Karpińska draws inspiration from different areas of life, carefully selecting her objects and reducing them to their very essence. With a focused attention to detail, she often approaches her work both as a compo- sition and as a visual puzzle.

She lives and works in Warsaw.


Q: What galleries in Warsaw would you recommend?

A: I recommend the Polana Institute, a galLery I work with. If their exhibition is in town – it is definitely worth going to. The Polana Institute does not have a permanent venue, they only have an office. They organize exhibitions in various unusual locations in Warsaw, e.g. in the nineteenth century building of the Geological Museum, in closed offices without windows from the turn of the century, in an apartment or in a barn in the countryside just outside the city.

Besides Polana, I generally recommend galleries taking part in the Warsaw Gallery Weekend – that certainly includes the hottest addresses in Warsaw, plus of course its main institutions like the Museum of Modern Art.


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