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Tymek Jezierski

One of Poland’s best-known illustrators, draughtsmen and poster artists. His unique works regularly appear in numerous Polish periodicals and magazines. Co-author of an acclaimed graphic novel about the 1944 Warsaw Uprising. His independent music concert posters and album cover-art has gained him a wide following in Poland and abroad.


Four drawings of famous figures who visited Warsaw, namely: Giacomo Casanova – 1765. Pablo Picasso – 1948. Michel Foucault – 1958. David Bowie – 1973.

These are frugal monochrome drawings, which are not meant to be loud decor, but subtle anecdotes which gain additional context by plac- ing them in hotel rooms. They are to encourage hotel guests to learn little-known stories related to Warsaw, which won’t be found in tourist guides.


Q: These works present personalities who have visited Warsaw in the past. Which visit has the most interesting history?

A: I think I like the one with Picasso’s mermaid the most. Its finale is very “Polish” – the mural was simply painted over, because it entailed great discomfort for the residents. The crowds of visitors who came to admire the scribble of some “Pikazza” were unbearable.

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