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Nicolas Grospierre

An artist working in the expanded field of photography. He studied Political Science and Sociology in Paris and London before turning to visual arts. His work as a photographer has been focused on documentary projects, which have been exploring the collective memories of, and the hopes linked to, modernist architecture, now that the utopias linked to them have faded away. The other side of his work concentrates on conceptual photography and emphasises mind games, while at the same time displaying attractive, sensual images or even installations. Grospierre was awarded the Golden Lion at the 11th Architectural Biennale in Venice in 2008 (together with Kobas Laksa), for the Hotel Polonia exhibition at the Polish Pavilion.



Kolorobloki is not a criticism of modernism in architecture, on the contrary. It is a project that uses the grammar of modernism to show its limitations, but with a great dose of sympathy for the architecture, as well as for the buildings photographed.


Q: What stories do the buildings on your photographs tell?

A: I think my photos show a broader phenomenon, namely modernist architecture, which was to embody a certain ideal: progress, or rather the belief that the future will be better than the present.

Unfortunately, as we already know–to-day, or “tomorrow” from a modernist perspective – universal progress was an illusion, and so we no longer believe in this beautiful idea. The buildings are a picture of its fall, and I regret that it happened. I can only show what this dreamed future was supposed to look like.

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