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Maurycy Gomulicki

Born in 1969, artist, designer, photographer, collector, pop-culture anthropologist, author of several sculptures and neon installations. Hedonist deeply devoted and consequently promoting the Culture of Pleasure. His works have been showcased at many exhibitions in his home country and abroad since the early 90s. He has introduced himself to a broader public through his subversive, multidisciplinary project “Pink Not Dead!”. Saturated colour, explored as much in its vital potential as in a socio-cultural framework is an essential element in his artistic practice. Gomulicki conducted several large scale projects in public spaces. He collaborates with Warsaw’s Leto gallery. Lives and works between Poland and Mexico.


Once I’ve been invited to createa Warsaw project in Hotel Puro, I immediately thought of a neon. I have quite the experience in this matter and the space in which my work would be presented is a sky terrace reviving in dusk, so I found it more than adequate for another neon reveal. The colourful phantoms perfectly harmonize with the joyful excitement of “bat people” who, in the evenings, whisper sweet secrets to each other over a glass of champagne. I wanted something very simple and at the same time seductive, and because I already have done three projects of neon mermaids, I thought about a delightful Varso- vian girl. My head was buzzing with a fragment from Julian Tuwim’s Polish Flowers describing a “pretty and pre-Christmas zestful Varsovian”. The picture is absolutely charming, but since winter is not conducive to balcony romance, I gave up “eyelashes in ice sugar” and cool colours. I chose gentleness and sweetness.


The pink light nicely implies a boudoir atmosphere, narrowed eyes give the features gentleness and at the same time have something playful. My work is characterised by both the abundance of colour and simplicity of form. The experience of Modigliani or Kulisiewicz is not without significance – I appreciate reduction as a medium of expression and neon by its very nature inclines to synthesis. As a result, a portrait of a girl with nice, soft face, a slightly retro hairstyle and head decorated with a crown in the shape of a stylized letter “W” was created. From what I’ve noticed it seems that my princess has already gained a group of admirers.

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