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Before U arrive…

Do you like surprises, or prefer everything planned to a “T”? Regardless of where you stand, you should be aware of a few changes we’ve made. We’ve prepared you a list of answers to questions you haven’t had a chance to ask. Have a look to get prepared for your arrival at PURO, and we’ll do everything possible to make your stay as pleasant as possible.


The room

You can't be too carefull. Following new regulations across all hotels in Poland we do not recommend using them.

For the time being, by request only! Just alert the front desk, we’ll do the rest.

Ironing (and laundry)
Unfortunately, for right now these services are only available on a “self-serve” basis.

Cotton balls, swabs, sewing kit
We are not stocking these items in rooms at present, but if you’d like them, we’ll have them brought to you.

You needn’t come to reception. Just leave your key in the room and check out with your tablet.



Xbox, board games 
Unfortunately, we’ve had to shelve the games for now. We know how exciting a match can be, but we’re concerned about fans gathering illegally.

If you need one and forgot to pack it, you can sleep easy. Every front desk has masks for sale.

Coffee, tea
Up till now, guests have served themselves in the lobby. Now we’ll be serving you!



In the restaurant
We’ll be waiting for you in the restaurant. Breakfast served!



Plan your arrival with us
Unfortunately, parking spaces at our hotel are limited and we cannot reserve them for you before arrival. However, we will not leave you with this problem - we know the city well and we will show you a safe parking space in the area. If you plan to arrive by car, please contact the hotel in advance - we will inform you about the parking costs and terms of use.


Spa and fitness

We can’t fit in all our guests at once, but everyone should find time to work out a bit.

Steam sauna 
Temporarily out of service (PURO Warsaw, PURO Krakow Kazimierz, PURO Łódź, PURO Gdańsk).