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We know you’re eager to see the world, but also eager to stay safe, and our main concerns are the same as yours – keeping everyone safe and secure. This has meant thinking through every step of your visit, from the front door to departure, all in conformance with local government, health authority, and WHO recommendations. 

Right when you come in, you’ll see all our public spaces are regularly disinfected and carefully managed to make social distancing easy. We’ve set procedures to keep things moving at a brisk pace. Our team is be up-to-date on how to best keep you safe, taking every step necessary. At the same time, our people are precious to us, and we’re making sure they’re just as secure as our guests.

Here’s what we do:

  • We air out every space or use UV lamps
  • We also use UV lamps in every room after check-out 
  • We make social distancing seem easy
  • We thoroughly clean and disinfect the front desk after each guest 
  • Public restrooms and elevators are cleaned on a regular basis
  • We make sure our teams are well protected and safe at work

Up in your room, you’ll be pleased to find the housekeeping department has stepped up its procedures, leaving no stone unturned. All our rooms are disinfected after each use and are also aired out on a regular basis. Room service has been equipped with new safety precautions, and all our laundry certifications are in place. And we’ll clean your room during your stay or supply extra toiletries, cosmetics, or towels whenever you say the word.

Basically, we’re still committing ourselves to giving you a sensational experience while making sure you can relax and enjoy it. When you come down from your room, take a ride on one of our bicycles or sit back in our garden or terrace with a coffee or tea made especially for you, in full confidence that our amenities are regularly being cleaned.

We know these can be stressful times. But when you come to PURO, you can leave the worrying to us.

The PURO team

Are you ready for the trip?

We have made a few temporary changes to your stay in response to recent travel restrictions and official health advice. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these prior to your arrival:




Having a meeting?

Our carefully designed meeting spaces are now extra safe for your event. We are ready to fit gatherings of many sizes: