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PURO TRENDS: Ólafur Eliasson, the designer of art

24.11.2019 Trend & News

A colorful rainbow in the clouds of mist, a glacier from Greenland, light installations, and a color that makes you see the world in black and white. Experimental and provocative, the works of remarkable Ólafur Eliasson are on display in TATE MODERN, London. Perhaps tickets to London would be a great last-minute Christmas gift? 


The world changes as your way of seeing it changes – says Ólafur Eliasson, architect and multidisciplinary artist. His work gives a lot of agency to the audience, entrusting them with the task to see and believe in the vision of the artist, whatever they think it to be. This kind of co-dependency breeds engagement – in the perceiving and in the acting – prompting us to muse on one of the fundamental laws of nature. Continuously interrelated, nature and human beings are never passive in relation to one another. Having grown up surrounded by the rawness of Icelandic landscape, Eliasson seems to know this very well. Turning to nothingness, absence, and light, the artist engages in the search of connections between the human perception and the world of nature, the world of geometry. The famous Waterfall series, in which a waterfall is incorporated into such iconic locations as the Brooklyn Bridge or the Versailles, confronts the force of nature with the achievements of our civilization. In 2013, as part of the Weather Project shown at Tate Modern, Eliasson created an illusion of the setting sun that attracted hundreds of people. Now, he is returning with a broad overview of his work. “In Real Life” features more than 40 works, from early-career artistic experiments, countless models, and work related to the Greenland glacier, to sprawling architectural designs.

If you can’t make it to see the exhibition before it closes, you should definitely watch Abstract: The Art of Design – a Netflix documentary series – and their episode on Ólafur. So worth it!

Olafur Eliasson: In real life
11 July 2019 – 5 January 2020
Tate Modern, Londyn

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