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ŁÓDŹ DESIGN FESTIVAL: Towards a good life

14.05.2019 Trend & News

The biggest celebration of Polish design is fast approaching. This year, Lodz Design Festival explores the good life, asking what gives us the feeling of happiness, safety, and luxury. The best designers from Poland and beyond will share their answers to this question on May 17.

This year’s edition of Lodz Design Festival is seeking a recipe for #GOOD LIFE. The times we live in keep bombarding us with the promises of instant satisfaction and immediate happiness. Designers become the shapers of human desires, constantly making decisions that directly affect our lives: what we buy, what we wear, where we live, how we travel, and even what we eat.

Designers, architects, artists, creators. Can they design a good life for us? What is the meaning of a good life in itself but also with relation to objects? – asks Michał Piernikowski, Lodz Design Festival director. Aware of the enormous impact design exerts on the natural environment and social relations, the LDF team has invited a number of collaborators – Jaime Hayon and Form Us With Love among others – to organize the upcoming edition. – Jaime Hayon is back after a phenomenal last year’s visit when he fell in love with the festival as well as the city and its textile tradition. Inspired by Lodz and enchanted with the festival atmosphere he offered to prepare “MASQUEMASK Installation” that will have its premiere at LDF. Coming back to the festival, this time after 10 years, is also a Swedish studio Form Us With Love. They are back as established designers of responsible, sustainable, and engaged design, presenting an original exhibition on the relation between culture and industry – says Piernikowski, adding that the key aim of design should be to respond to people’s real needs and to help them in their day-to-day existence.

Jaime Hayon

On the table

What's in a colour?

Romantic Regimes

What else are we going to see in Lodz? The youngest audience members will enjoy Ekoeksperymentarium designed by Mamy Projekt – a space where they can learn what little steps to take if they want to make their lives simpler, save time and money, and eliminate what’s redundant and unhealthy. They can also learn a lot by coming to “Romantic Regimes” – an exhibition by Adi Zaffran and Bine Roth that offers an unusual at-the-gym experience where you can exercise romantic gestures: hand flowers, make a heart, or take a walk along the beach while holding hands.

Exhibitions will also feature ceramics (ON The Table; 1 kg ceramiki), experiments with materials (Czas/Time; Made in paper) and color (Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka’s Korale Koloru Koralowego / What's in a colour?), returns to handicraft (Praga na wzór; Niepowtarzalni) and insights into production processes (Resources. From raw materials to end products).

In keeping with the tradition, Lodz Design Festival will host the must have competition award ceremony. The competition was created to promote exquisite Polish design and local designers. The award functions as a recommendation in itself: it’s simply worth having a must have product. Each product receives the certificate of quality and 59 of them will be on display for the audience.

Particularly emotional will be the announcement of the make me! competition winners. Competing for the first prize funded by the patron of the festival - Ceramika Paradyż - are 22 designers selected from among 150 applications from all over the world, including Egypt, South Korea, Hong Kong, Russia, Canada, and Argentina.


LABEL Magazine x PURO Hotels

1 kg of ceramics

This is only a glimpse into what is coming as part of the festival held in the Festival Center at Tymienieckiego 3. As usual, festival organizers have planned a series of events in the city: Punkt Porad Roślinnych / Plant Care Info Point will be open in Łódzkie Centrum Wydarzeń; the newly-opened PURO Hotel Łódź will host an exhibition of posters drawing on the legacy of Bauhaus; while Galeria Willa will hold an event during which you’ll get to see top Polish illustrators’ take on local slang words. More information can be found on the official website:

Lodz Design Festival

Festival Center:
Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki
ul. Tymienieckiego 3, Łódź

LDF website:
Ticket info:

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