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PURO News: EYE on Wrocław vol. 4

31.08.2019 Puro News

A few moments in bed with Yoko and John, an hour of Japanese delight for body and palate, a relaxation in the garden full of sounds and smells, a one-day art gallery and a site specific installation - on September 7 we invite you to Eye on Wrocław to show you, in a whole new way, the finest phenomena, brands and people of Wrocław.

This is the fourth time we are organising the festival, presenting you the most interesting concepts, brands, places and authors – everything that stands for the DNA of the city of Wrocław. The organizer of the 'Eye on ...' series is USTA Magazine, and PURO as a Partner is happy to accompany this adventure and opens its spaces to local creators. This time we want to make PURO even more open and invite the citizens to the hotel rooms, conference hall and garden. It is there, that we will launch one-day pop ups, artistic installations, exhibitions and even an art gallery.

The hotel will be divided into zones, where amazing actions, prepared specially for that occasion, will take place. In the Japanese zone, you will have a chance to learn how the Cherry Blossom Country inspires Wrocław-based brands. Purite will present a new line of cosmetics for Japanese rituals. You will even be able to test them behind a discrete folding screen. In the same zone, Moya Matcha will bring you the real taste of Japan. The master of ceremony will re-create in front of your eyes the traditional process of matcha brewing.

In the food zone, you will taste authentic Wrocław’s culinary delicacies, served on original glass and porcelain. The foodies and the artisans will form one-day co-operatives to surprise you with meals perfectly matched with the vessels. If you are wondering how the cappuccino from Figa Coffee tastes in Ende porcelain, come and take a sip yourself at Puro hotel on September 7.



Ende ceramics

Moya Matcha

The fashion zone will see micro runways, presenting the newest collections of brands like Elementy and HUGBUG, who will also advise how to create timeless creations, classic and resistant to changing trends. The owners of the Groovy and Boske brands will show you how to change the character of your wardrobe with unique accessories.

For one day, we will have access to the inaccessible nooks and crannies of the hotel. Wrocław’s artists prepared artistic interventions, creating site-specific works of art – that is, installations designed with specific place of the hotel in mind. They are all hidden in the different areas of PURO. We are sure you will have great fun searching for and discovering them. We are also convinced you will enjoy re-creating the happening of John Lennon and Yoko Ono “Bed-In for Peace”. Let us remind: on May 26 1969, just married Yoko Ono and John Lennon took the keys to room no. 1738 from a reception of a Montreal hotel, and started their famed in-bed happening. On September 7, you can join Yoko and John in bed and participate in a peaceful chilling, while also testing the super comfortable beds of the PURO Hotel (we guarantee that they are exceptional on a global scale!).



Yoko Ono and John Lennon

HINT Food & Drinks

Basen in PURO Wroclaw HINT Food & Drinks restaurant will prepare on that day drinks and tidbits at a special price. What’s more, Wrocław’s restaurants and bars will showase in a dedicated culinary zone. You will discover a selection of notable artistic spots on the map of Wrocław during the memory game. The winners will receive very attractive awards – stays at Puro hotel and subscription of the USTA Magazine. Finally, you will also have an occasion to sign up for a curatorial tour of the PURO art collection – works of artists purchased specially for the Wrocław’s hotel. If this is too much attractions for you, you can always take a sit in the hotel’s garden, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the sound installation. See you in Wrocław!


September 7, 12.00 -18.00, concert 20.00
PURO Hotel
Włodkowica 6, WROCŁAW

More details and programme:
EYE on WROCŁAW event




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