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PURO Gdańsk 2.0

28.08.2017 Puro News

Everything started with an immersion in the atmosphere of the Granary Island – a fascination with its rich history, architecture, and colors. This fascination gradually metamorphosed into a design concept for PURO Gdańsk featuring raw, industrial interiors steeped in hues and a sensory urban tissue. Architects Regis De Salles and Simon Flint from DeSallesFlint* studio created a one-of-a-kind, refined space. The space with multiple layers – just like the history of Gdańsk – is to be experienced gradually. Absorb the atmosphere and the space to eventually discover the details.

And the details abound: lamps inspired by the shapes of port cranes illuminating the breathtaking, eight-story-high atrium, natural fabrics (linen, leather, cotton), wood and metal finishes, a rusty color palette… You can feel the tangible scent of bags filled with grain and the freshness of sea breeze. The PURO philosophy heavily relies on a co-operation with artists working within a local context. Hence, in the lobby we can see Olga Milczyńska’s ceramic sculptures, Marta Szostek’s works incorporating elements found on the premises of the Gdańsk shipyard, Kacper Kowalski’s aerial photographs, and Michał Szlaga’s works documenting the day-to-day life of the shipyard.

Part of the opening of PURO Gdańsk in early spring of 2015 was a boat trip through the shipyard under the tutelage of Michał Szlaga and Tomek Kopcewicz and their two close colleagues. Together, they devotedly presented the history and spaces of the iconic place. Their stories and passionate, artistic endeavors made out of determination to save the impressive heritage from falling into oblivion were the source of true inspiration for DeSallesFlint architects to further develop the PURO Gdańsk concept. This may have been phase one, but everyone already knew that the beginning of phase two was just a matter of time.

"That was it… The Gdańsk Shipyard: that is where the story goes in Puro phase 2, a natural continuation of the tapestry that started in Puro phase 1” – say architects, responsible for interior design. “Our inspiration and narrative came from everywhere and everything about the shipyard, however, this time around accentuating much more the industrial mood and feel. The rusted materials, the colours and textures of oxidised metals, all mixed with linens cottons and leather."

Created interiors perfectly embody the PURO philosophy, making sure guests never stop being curious! Curious about tastes, local histories, city escapades and – most importantly – about one another. After all, PURO hotels are nothing but modern meeting spots, inviting the exchange of experiences and inspiration. A local context is here to prove it: the location of PURO Gdańsk in the heart of the always lively Granary Island, complemented by the hotel’s architecture and interior aesthetics. The lobby offers a space to relax among meticulously selected albums and books, a space where you can hole up in a quiet corner with a cup of coffee and a laptop, or simply admire a custom collection of art and design (created by Maria Jeglińska among others, as well as students from the Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts supervised by Anna Królikiewicz) or views over the Old Town and the Shipyard unfolding from the restaurant terrace.

The newly-opened PURO space boasts an impressive collection of real design gems. The furniture comes from our trusted partners, the world’s top producers, such as Moroso, Vitra, Kettal or Carl Hansen & Son, a Danish classic. Lighting features items from Buster & Punch and Foscarini as well as DeSallesFlint architects’ designs such as unique lamps reminiscent of ambers entwined in rope. Smoked glass mirrors decorate the walls, accompanied by carefully selected works of art from local and foreign artists, e.g. an extraordinary mural from Seikon (see how it was made), Łukasz Patelczyk’s paintings, Aleksandra Prusinowska’s graphic art, and Sara Morris’s minimalistic photographs.

A feast for the body? You may feed your senses in Dancing Anchor, a brand new restaurant specializing in seafood and aromatic meat, or in PRISMA Spa, a space where holistic relaxation techniques will ensure the well-being of your body and mind. All of it with an eye for detail typical of PURO, making you feel chic, but cozy and at home.

Regis De Salles and Simon Flint sum everything up perfectly: "Our idea was to design a scheme that has a presence, a strong message with a sense of theatre and grandeur just like the old Gdańsk Shipyard, and yet… passionate, uplifting and optimistic, just like the passion and respect that Michal, Tomek and his friends have for the Gdańsk Shipyard".

The presence of the local and the passionate can be felt with every step you take. Feel it yourself, and let your skin do the same.

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