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PURO Culinary: HINT Wrocław. Delicious food in a flash!

12.06.2019 Puro News

If you want a hint about PURO Hotel Wrocław’s HINT, think openness; the word that best describes the atmosphere of the place originating from and reflective of the PURO philosophy. HINT’s non-pretentious and democratic tastes are delightfully inviting, so take your seat at the table!

At HINT, “something good for everyone” means abundance. Fear not, however, for the menu is not as large as the word might suggest. Its clear layout and intuitive design will take you straight to the section of your interest whether you are thinking about eating something small, healthy, big, savory, or sweet. The final decision is always yours to make, but remember that HINT offers tastes inspired by street food from all over the world, breaking away with the prevalent image of a Polish hotel restaurant serving a second-rate fine dining experience at an exorbitant price. HINT is all about good food all day long, be it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Classic comfort food seduces the taste buds with aromatic spices from the Middle East, Asian flavors, and fatty-crispy vibes from the other side of the ocean. This is HINT’s recipe for success in the meeting place that is Wrocław and the very heart of its multicultural Four Denominations District.

Speaking of comfort, do not deny yourselves the pleasure of eating with your bare hands - this food fits your hand like a glove! Rhetorically speaking, who wouldn’t want to grab a juicy, panko-coated prawn with their fingers and dip it in a delicious sauce? The chef also recommends putting salmon tartare inside the grilled pita bread to experience fish, shallot, lemon, and dill blend in a harmony of tastes. Try thinking about orange sweet potato fries or a selection of vegan dainties (coated oyster mushrooms, hummus, cheddar, mayonnaise with dill seeds) without the urge to do away with knives and forks. Impossible, isn’t it?

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