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Happy New Year from the PURO Mag Team

30.12.2019 Puro News

As the new prepares to replace the old, we are given the unique opportunity to connect to you on a slightly different level – more attentive, emotional, and personal – thinking of what’s to come. All year long, we keep writing, photographing, and designing to let you enjoy PURO Mag at its finest. Today, we are revealing a bit more in an effort to wish you all the best in the upcoming year. May 2020 be full of tenderness, adventures, and stories.

Agata Kiedrowicz
PURO Mag editor-in-chief, passionate about writing, teaching, and designing - most eagerly for the senses

Good taste is about being gentle and attentive to people and the world around us. May your taste get better and better thanks to new experiences, travels, and feelings. May “good” stand for beautiful and smart – for you and the world.

Agnieszka Szydziak
Promoter of Wrocław’s food culture, journalist and food expert

May the last day of 2019 bring time to reflect on the past year with nothing but satisfaction. For 2020, I wish you love and health – the two most important things. Be king to yourself and others and respect the time you have been given.

Marcin Markowicz
Translator and university lecturer, currently writing a doctoral thesis on Canadian feminist literary periodicals

As you can see, I have been passionate about reading since childhood, which is why – for the upcoming year – I wish you multiple occasions to revel in the essence of a journal, novel, story, poem, or an essay… Breathe in the words and wisdom of others – be inspired, share, feel, and create!

Marika Krystman
Editor, episodic copywriter. Loves everything patterned

In the futuristically-sounding year 2020, I wish you all the tenderness in the world – for yourself, your loved ones, friends, and Mother Earth.

Kasia Pilitowska
Born and raised in Kraków, food activist, owner of two restaurants in the Krakow’s Kazimierz district

All that is new seems exciting. But I like the old! I love browsing through closets, searching for treasures long forgotten. I inspect them carefully and, if I notice they need some mending, sewing, cleaning, or glueing, I roll up my sleeves and get ready to work. I fix. Sometimes all I need is a minute, but fixing can also take months. When I am done I feel overwhelmed with happiness at having brought something to the state of perfection. What do I wish you in the new year? Care about things from the past and fix them; look for new paths, re-discover the old ones, move forward. Go through old calendars, notebooks, and notes you’ve made on tickets and scraps of paper. Who knows, perhaps they’ll guide you in the ways yet unexpected?


head photo: Mateusz Torbus dla Ranny Ptaszek

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