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Happy New Year! From PURO Mag Team with love

31.12.2018 Puro News

We write, we photograph, we design. We perform to the best of our abilities to keep you surprised, amazed and above all inspired. Invisible on a daily basis, today we are putting ourselves in the spotlight to wish you all the best as the old transitions into the new. So, dear PURO Mag readers, here come New Year’s wishes from our team to you. Let’s discover 2019 together!

Agata Kiedrowicz, PURO Mag editor-in-chief, passionate about writing, teaching, and designing - most eagerly for the senses

May the new year provide you with opportunities to travel - travel far and near, to the end of the world and a local store right around the corner. Look at yourself through the lens of individuality, originality, and possibility. Immerse yourself in pure, sensual pleasure of discovering the world and remember to keep discovering yourself and your inner strength. Use it every day in dialogue with yourself, people, and the world!

Kasia Pilitowska, born and raised in Kraków, food activist, owner of two restaurants in the Krakow’s Kazimierz district

I wish you inexhaustible energy and strength to create things that will revolutionize the world - even if it is the size of your garden. Be the force that brings people together to the table full of food made with love. May little things bring you joy every day!

Ania Włodarczyk, food blogger, passionate about literature, cooking, and (retro) photography, Gdansk citizen by choice

All I wish for you and myself is a year rich in new tastes and discoveries - not only culinary.

Marcin Markowicz, translator and university lecturer, currently writing a doctoral thesis on Canadian feminist literary periodicals

I wish everyone a year filled with joy and satisfaction derived from the beauty of the painting, the sculpture, and the word.

Agnieszka Szydziak, promoter of Wrocław’s food culture, journalist and food expert

May 2019 have your favorite flavor - with the sweet and the savory in perfect harmony. May life - filled with quality ingredients and unique recipes - give you countless reasons to enjoy the company of others!

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