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An EYE for KRAKOW: Wine, design and people

27.09.2018 Puro News

Together with USTA Magazine, we have been soaking up the DNAs of the cities for a few years now…getting to know a range of local creators, artists, and initiatives. The unique atmosphere of each place is presented to you via our lens – the “OKO na/An EYE for…” series. At the dawn of autumn, we came with a visit to Krakow. What does the former Polish capital have that can’t be found anywhere else in the country?

Unique people, tastes, and projects – that’s for sure. The newly opened PURO Krakow Kazimierz provided an excellent space for the presentation of emerging projects from the Lesser Poland region. Bursting with top-notch art and design, the hotel gave Krakow’s artists and artisans the warmest welcome. So, what was there to see during the first edition of “An EYE for Krakow”?

This, as usual, was for USTA Magazine to decide: We are always looking for the freshest, most ambitious local brands we ourselves find intriguing – says Monika Brzywczy, the editor-in-chief at USTA. Indeed, that night at PURO, we have to say, we were beyond intrigued! Starting with flavors (we tasted alternatively brewed coffee from Blossom; freshly burnt grounds from Coffee Proficiency; and water from the Lesser Poland) through design from young brands (e.g. jewelry from Pola Zag and KOPI, Natalia Siebuła’s clothing and things from MAPAYA – a brand that co-operates with artisans worldwide) to beauty products from Krakow-based brands such as the already iconic O JEJU and Alba1913 Healthy is Beautiful. Brands that value quality, originality, and attention to detail is what we have an EYE for.

PURO Kraków Kazimierz

KOPI jewellery

What else is special about Kraków?

Natural wines, naturally! Joseph Di Blassi, a Krakow-based Californian, is one of the first in Poland to import and sell natural wine. Joseph has a great taste in wine, which means whatever he picks is always of top quality. You can try wines selected by him in a range of places across the country, but a dedicated store – Naturaliści – is located exclusively in Krakow. You can also visit Żonglerka, a magnificent place in Krakow’s Salwador, and have a glass of natural wine and a sandwich made of high-quality products (delicious bread, cheese, baked vegetables, fresh spices and mango mayo) by the owner himself. They taste like heaven! The place is always brimming with colors and intriguing personalities to be met: neighbors, artists, restaurants’ owners. We envy everyone who lives in Krakow and has Żonglerka at arm’s length! Not to mention Ranny Ptaszek, a place in Krakow’s Kazimierz serving breakfasts until 4 pm on weekends – which is exactly what you may need after a few glasses of natural wine ;) – says Monika.

There is a lot to be seen and discovered in Krakow, which is precisely what we invite you to do. Have a look at Krakow via our EYE – we’re coming back soon to introduce you to new brands and initiatives. Stay tuned!

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