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Ania Kuczyńska x PURO: Travel Essentials

30.06.2016 People

What are the travel must-haves? Comfortable shoes, a thick notebook for storing  fleeting memories and the smell of a favorite perfume that wraps around you tighter than any scarf. Also, a must is a well-worn map to find well-known paths, a business card holder in case of a business dinner and elegant earrings, should you experience an irresistible urge to shine. A pencil sharpener may come in handy as well if you want to keep your sight and vision sharp. At last, you need a bag that will hold it all.

Let us introduce you to the Ania Kuczyńska Shanghai bag – an ideal travel item. Made of thick and durable cloth and with a characteristic leather label, the bag is a true nomadic veteran – perfect for both urban escapades and trips into the unknown. There’s even an anecdote that someone used the bag during a move to transport a small washing machine!

The Shanghai bag has become one of the icons of Polish design described as “the most recognizable designer accessory of Polish fashion since 1989”. Having traveled half the world, the bag has gained recognition at numerous design festivals (e.g. a “must-have” award at 2013 Lodz Design Festival). Most significantly, however, it permanently entered the Polish (fashionable!) street zone and high-end places with its utilitarian quality only adding to its unquestionable beauty.

URO x Ania Kuczyńska

A quick reminder: a pop-up store with Ania Kuczyńska accessories has been opened in the lobby of PURO Poznan since October 2015. It’s the designer’s one and only stationary boutique in Poznan and outside of Warsaw! An exposition of Ania Kuczyńska’s travel-inspired accessories has a very special character. Arranged in a glassed-in alcove of the lobby, the exposition is an inspiring stop for those who travel the eclectic interior of the hotel full of intriguing objects and works of art by local and foreign artists. The accessories are displayed on a copper installation that refers to the designer’s and the hotel’s visual identity. It was designed by Marta Szostek and Agata Klimkowska who graduated from Poznan School of Form.

How did the brand collaboration begin?

"We united in our love for details and inspiration with the city. Equally important was sophisticated design and style – characteristic of both PURO and Ania Kuczyńska – that can be described as decorative minimalism opting for chic and elegant nonchalance"

says Dawid Grausch, PURO Brand Experience Manager.

Travel Essentials

The collaboration was inaugurated with a unique photo shoot. The designer invited her inspirational friends from the world of art, culture and media to show the inside of their travel bags. In the pictures, Marcin Świderek from ELLE, the journalist and traveler Max Cegielski, the blogger Marta Greber, the illustrator Olka Osadzińska, the creative director of PURO Hotels Rune Askevold and the designer herself present their globetrotter must-haves.

Travel Essentials: Rune Askevold

Stripes, the circle and copper

The very process of creating the installation was interesting as well. Marta Szostek, the co-designer, says:

"We wanted the installation to win the attention of passers-by and be inviting. In order to create it we used copper – the material that had not entered the hotel space before, but is really sophisticated and turned out to be ideally corresponding to the style of the interior. With their form, the bases of bag racks refer to Ania Kuczyńska’s logo (a cut-out Q) and the symbol of the hotel (milled stripes). Each rack with a bag or a scarf creates a unique object-sculpture and allows the exposition to be “played with” by changing the arrangement."

The icons of everyday life

The Shanghai bag will hold everything, while a famous tube scarf can become a dress when the need arises. Hence these are the accessories perfect for a traveler, a tourist or a globetrotter. Ewa Kosz, the fashion journalist and fashionista, admits:

"I bought the Shanghai bag several times, but always as a gift for someone. When I finally bought it for myself I can’t stop using it. I take it not only to work, for it can hold everything a woman needs plus a laptop and a book to read on a tram, but also to a beach, a gym or a weekend trip."

She adds:

"The idea of a pop-up store in a hotel is very interesting. Ania Kuczyńska’s classic accessories represent Polish design in the best possible way, so it’s perfect that they are available for lots of people – not only tourists. There’s no better symbol of Polish design!"

Accessories by Ania Kuczyńska are displayed and sold in the PURO Poznań lobby at 12 Stawna Street. The boutique is open 24 hours a day! Feel invited ☺

Travel Essentials:

Marcin Świderek

Marta Greber

Max Cegielski

Olka Osadzińska

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