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WROCŁAW: Where to drink coffee in Wrocław? Top visit-worthy cafés with soul

31.03.2018 City

What’s the secret of Wrocław’s residents? Black, magic java. Never leaving you unaffected, it clears your mind and warms up your body and soul. Since it tastes best when drank in the company (of friends, music, and good food), places with delicious coffee, intriguing menus, and unique atmosphere have been springing up like mushrooms in the capital of Lower Silesia. A new generation of baristas is doing their best to make your hearts beat faster. Come with us and discover the most visit-worthy cafes in Wrocław!

photo: Chidusz

photo: Chidusz

CIŻkosher coffee and challos
ul. Włodkowica 9


If you’re staying at Puro, reaching CIŻ is just a matter of seconds, for it’s located right across the street. CIŻ stands for Centrum Informacji Żydowskiej (Jewish Information Center), because apart from being a café, it’s a small bookstore and a meeting place for the Wrocław’s Jewish community. CIŻ serves only kosher-certified food prepared in an on-site kosher kitchen. What it means for you is that the menu is based on high-quality products turned into hummus with challah, sweet potato and tzimmes kugel, shakshouka with challah, and various cakes (including one vegan and gluten-free). Every Wednesday is hummus day, bringing one special hummus flavor. The place also serves kosher coffee from a coffee maker or a drip pot. Remember, however, that it is open from Sunday to Friday, closing at sunset. Saturday, after all, is a holy day of the Sabbath and well-deserved rest.

photo: Agnieszka Szydziak (left), Monika Szeffler (right)

Słodki Chłopak and Kofeina by Incognito a new, sexy co-operative!
plac Solny 11

All you need is a ten-minute walk to get to the next mecca of black beans. Plac Solny (the Solny Square), usually associated with flower sellers, has recently become home for a delicious co-operative–the result of the joined forces of Kofeina by Incognito and Słodki Chłopak. The former brews coffee and tea, serves breakfasts on an 8am-to-4pm basis and, when the evening comes, transforms itself into a cocktail bar located on level -1. Słodki Chłopak, on the other hand, is a relatively young concept that revealed itself to the residents of Wrocław in the summer of 2017 by selling food from its lovely cart during the Night Market at the Świebodzki Station. We fell head over heels in love with the first taste of a velvety banoffee cream. I think I know what did the work–plenty of butter, cream, sugar, caramel, and eggs–the ingredients lacking in all fat- and gluten-free vegan cakes now in vogue. Słodki Chłopak’s top-notch brownies, cheesecakes, meringues, yeast croissants, tarts, crispy biscuits and whole grain bars feed the senses marvelously. Have a cup of coffee and give them a try if you happen to be in Wrocław. Unforgettable memories guaranteed!

Cafe Targowawhere coffee meets iconic setting
ul. Piaskowa 17, stoisko 11

Hala Targowa (the Market Hall) is one of Wrocław’s iconic buildings, a place where you can find stalls with fruit, vegetables, bread, meat, and many more. Nestling somewhere in between is Cafe Targowa owned by Filip Kucharczyk, the 2016 World Aeropress Champion, who brings specialty coffee from all over the world, roasts it on site (under the new brand Figa) and with the highest precision serves its multiple variations, including drip-brew, nitro and cold brew options (with the last two served only in the summer). From time to time he will bake something by himself, but cakes are always only a modest addition to coffee–the main actor! If you like, you can bring your own sandwich or do some shopping in the hall and prepare yourself a breakfast. You have our word: it will be difficult to forget coffee “stronger than Bruce Lee’s kick” and the beauty of the historic hall, still swarming with life.

Nanan dream of a little princess
ul. Kotlarska 32

Nanan, situated in one of the old city’s narrow streets, is the only new-wave patisserie in Wrocław. You can choose from an array of mono portions (mini works of art delivered to you by virtuosos of the contemporary pastry word), elaborate individual-sized treats filled with structures, flavors, and colors. Displayed in a beautifully-designed fridge are French classics: éclairs. My favorite is the white one with crème pâtissière, roasted and caramelized nuts and icing (definitely a must-try!) or the seasonally changing blends of fruit and nuts. Kids love Nanan’s macaroons, sometimes coming in the shape of a unicorn. Visit Nanan and stay for a while–let experienced baristas brew you a cup of coffee from the Wrocław-based plant Czarny Deszcz or have a sip of cooled prosecco. One thing’s certain–a plushy, pink interior designed by the Wrocław-based Buck.Studio will make it a one-of-a-kind stay.

Rozrusznikthe origin of everything
ul. Cybulskiego 15

An iconic space on the coffee map of Wrocław. Truth be told, that’s on Cybulskiego 15 where the people of Wrocław started consciously drinking coffee almost 7 years ago. Now, the place has new owners, a duo of Piotr Kucharski, the most famous baker in the city, and Dorota Radwańska, a long-active presence in the world of baristas. It’s a new chapter then, but the location remains the same–a cozy street in the artistic Nadodrze district that makes you feel at home. You can choose between a classic espresso and modern drip, aeropress or chemex and have a piece of delicious cake. Soon, the place will also be serving breakfasts and selling bread. A cabinet displays coffee gadgets and exquisitely tasty coffee for home-brewing. Here comes a tip: the place is located only a 20-minute walk away from PURO, where you can feel a unique and open atmosphere of the city.

Cherubinowy Wędrowiec - with a library at hand 
ul. Nankiera 17a

Fed up with modern hipster interiors? You have to visit Cherubinowy Wędrowiec (A Cherub Wanderer). The café operates in a tenement house adjoining the territory of the Saint Matthias church and sharing a garden with the oldest Polish library–the National Ossoliński Institute. If you plan on visiting the University or the Market Hall, you will have no trouble finding the place. If you do, you can sit on a sofa in a room with an elaborately decorated sky-high ceiling. The owners love specialty coffees, so expect nothing but electrifying flavors. If you’re far from being orthodox coffee aficionados, don’t fret! Choose between a frappe in the summer or hot chocolate, infusions, and golden milk in the winter. On top of it all are the heavenly cakes from a local pastry–Marcepani. The Wanderer has it all! 


photo: courtesy of restaurants' owners

text: Agnieszka SzydziakA constant dreamer, wishing that one day everyone can feel the taste of real food. Running a Still Hungry PR agency on a daily basis, she’s been working as a PR and marketing specialist, managing communication strategies for restaurants and food concepts, as well as an organizer of initiatives promoting good food. She is a co-organizer and PR manager of Gastro Nocki–the largest night-time food event in Wrocław–and the creator of Have a Bite. Her articles and columns have been featured in numerous food magazines. Based in Wrocław. Always hungry!



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