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Wrocław: To the River!

30.03.2017 City

What Wrocław’s Nadodrze brings to mind are artisanal workshops, atmospheric cafes and art galleries. It’s an area where you can visit both a traditional stamping workshop and a much younger screen printing workshop. Here, young designers and more experienced craftsmen live in symbiosis, taking their inspiration from their surroundings and sharing their skills with others. The turn of April will bring the fifth edition of the Mistrzowie Nadodrza workshop, whose participants will get to know the arcana of the framer’s and upholsterer’s profession, create their own stamp or a notebook, or learn the art of crocheting. Don’t be mistaken, Nadodrze will appeal not only to those willing to improve their manual skills. Enthusiasts of coffee, good food, and local atmosphere will surely find something for themselves.

Łokietka 5 - Infopunkt Nadodrze

ul. Łokietka 5/1

This place is a perfect starting point if you’re embarking on a journey through the artistic district of Wrocław. Łokietka 5 is a meeting spot and a social integration center that supports revitalization activities. Importantly, it’s also an information point where you’ll get an up-to-day map with places worth visiting and hear some recommendations. If you’re keen on city games, you may want to buy a city game “Kroniki Nadodrza” [Nadodrze Chronicles] and spend the day tracking a mysterious murderer among Nadodrze’s old houses.


ul. Jagiellończyka 371a

A stamping and type-setting workshop with thirty years of tradition run by Mr Wojciech Podgajny–a valued craftsman from Nadodrze–whose adventure with stamp making began in 1952. At Modena you can order traditionally-made name cards, invitations, or ad prints– popular especially among owners of local businesses. Also, the place is worth visiting for its interior described sometimes as a museum of typography–and justifiably so.


pl. Świętego Macieja 10

A ceramics gallery where you can take a sneak peek at the process of making cups, salt cellars, brooches, and other novel objects. Practical yet surrealistic in form, the makings of ceramics craftswomen from Nadodrze blend contemporary patterns with a traditional way of production. Those interested can take part in a workshop organized each Sunday between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. (for more information go to

Lodziarnia Roma

ul. Rydygiera 5

On the map of Wrocław since 1946. Loved by traditional ice cream aficionados who, every year, wait faithfully for the opening that comes with the first days of spring. Even though you don’t have to spend half an hour waiting in a line, Roma’s selection does not yield to what newer and more fashionable parlors have on offer. And there’s the atmosphere–you order ice cream at the counter where money is exchanged for tokens. Then, you can finally start choosing from a rich flavor palette. Be it beery, poppy, creamy–each ice cream flavor is made of natural ingredients and created by a certified confectioner.

Bistro Narożnik

ul. Rydygiera 30

A dinner stop and an occasion to try regional beer. Even though Narożnik has appeared on the map of Nadodrze relatively recently, the place has already gained quite a few devoted clients. A long, wooden bar dominates the cozily shady, atmospheric space. The menu offers soups, sandwiches, lunches, and cakes. It’s worth stopping here for a while to feel like one of the Nadodrze socialites.

Róża Rozpruwacz

ul. Jagiellończyka 2

Sewing, unraveling, mending. All of it plus talks over coffee in a space full of beautiful fabrics. Róża Rozpruwacz is for those who want to begin their adventure with tailoring. The schedule of upcoming workshops is available on the website  – something interesting for girls dreaming of refreshing their closets’ contents as well as for moms willing to make a teddy bear with their own hands.


ul. Jedności Narodowej 68A

A social undertaking and a home for a sewing and screen printing workshop. In practice, it’s a place where you can buy a nice and functional bag perfect for biking trips or take part in workshops (screen printing, bookbinding and many more – go to the PANATO website to see the offer. Something for lovers of eco products and grassroots initiatives undertook by people with minds full of ideas and an unflagging energy for action.

Cafe Rozrusznik

ul. Cybulskiego 15

This place knocks everyone’s socks off the moment they go through the door. The space is filled with the coffee aroma, music from the gramophone wafts in the air, while the interior creates an impression of coziness and pleasant quirkiness. Rozrusznik is a must-go-to place for those who like their coffee brewed in an alternative way, and those who enjoy reading far from the noisy atmosphere of the city. The hungry can count on vegetarian meals and sandwiches. We couldn’t forget about cakes whose fame has spread beyond the borders of Nadodrze.

text: Asia Flisek
photos: courtesy of the locals

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