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WROCŁAW: New Horizons

25.07.2019 City

Wrocław has been the capital of uncompromising cinema for over a dozen years. The New Horizons International Film Festival is a festival of cinema visionaries, looking for new ways of expression and breaking the frontiers set by conventional filmmakers. This year's film feast will last until August 4.

This is a festival of cinema visionaries, adamant artists, brave enough to follow their own path against the trends and to talk about the most important matters, using their own, unique language. From hundreds of films screened every year at international festivals, as well as these sent for selection, we have chosen the ones that - due to their unusual form and the power of expression - defend themselves from being forgotten. These films evoke extreme reactions, bring up emotions, start vigorous discussions, and provoke raptures and protests. Yet, it is this kind of works that set the trends of the international cinema. The "Main Competition" is the concept of the "new horizon" come into being.

Each year, the festival hosts several dozens of film directors from all over the world - from debutants to undisputed film masters. One of the key components of the festival's mission is to present the achievements of the cinema masters and discover the works of those artists, who are less known, yet their work is of a tremendous importance for the creators of the festival. The 19th festival edition will screen films by ironic moralist Albert Serra, the director of the famed Death of Louis XIV, and works by Shūji Terayama, a Japanese director who is not well-known in Poland, but is an innovator whose works have been deemed scandalous and subversive, though he has also been awarded at Cannes for a Death in the Country. There will also be films by Olivier Assayas (director of Sils Maria), who formed his own sub-genre that does not fit into the mainstream, art-house cinema or any attempts at simple classification



Woman at War by Benedikt Erlingsson

Je t'aime moi non plus by Serge Gainsbourg

The Language of the Birds by Xawery Żuławski

Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood by Quentin Tarantino 

This year's program is divided into intriguing sections: apart from classics (Masters' films, Gala Screenings and Retrospectives), there are interesting curatorial sections exploring the problems of modernity: Focus: The body in which I live, accompanied by the exhibition Inner Life in Galeria Studio BWA, tribute to women and the magic Third Eye: spirituality, magic and witches, or the Night Madness series: Wet Dreams.

The festival also gives an opportunity to take a closer look at the most interesting places on the cinematic map of the world and to discover films which are difficult to be found in regular distribution. Lately, we have screened the works from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Turkey, Greece, Sweden, Mexico, Lithuania, and Norway. The 2017 edition of the festival presented the latest films from Israel, the 2018 - from Iran. The program also covers films from the very edge of cinema and visual arts, exhibitions, concerts and workshops. Check out the programm!

If the cinema, it's only in Wroclaw!


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