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WROCŁAW: Empathy, now! Design versus errors of modern world

27.07.2018 City

After succesful, first edition of the exhibition during Gdynia Design Days 2018, "Empathy now!" curated by Michał Bachowski is going to be presented in Design Gallery BWA Wrocław. It shows how empathic design can help fight the biggest challenges of the modern world.

Empathic design is recognized as one of the most important contemporary design disciplines. The ability to look at the world from consumers perspective leads to the creation of products that respond to their needs, which gives the products themselves a better chance of market success. However, such design should not only generate profits for companies. In order to face the greatest challenges of modern times, we should return to the roots of empathy, the ability to understand other people, including those who find themselves in difficult situations. Diverse projects presented at the exhibition “Empathy, now!” encourage visitors to get involved. When political capital has been taken over by populists who isolate themselves from global issues, when people are looking inward as opposed to outward, when the typical impulse is to take and not to give - empathy may just be what saves us from ourselves.

LIFE CLOCK. House clock equipped with a rescue kit helpful during natural disasters, design: SWNA

REFUGEE NATION FLAG. The flag that represented the refugee team that took part in the Olympics, gave identity to millions of displaced persons and drew the media’s attention to their problems, design: Yara Said

KUCHNIA KONFLIKTU. A social enterprise that creates a space for integration and dialogue for refugees in Poland, giving them jobs and the opportunity to share their regional cuisine, design: Jarmiła Rybicka

SOLARPUFF. Foldable solar lamps inspired by the origami technique, which can be easily delivered wherever there are problems with electricity, design: Alice Min Soo Chun

ICOON FOR REFUGEES. A pictorial dictionary that allows for a breaking down of the language barriers between refugees and those who want to communicate with them, design: Gosia Warrink

"In order to face the challenges of modern times, we must be able to put ourselves in the position of other people. I've been learning this everyday, talking to designers and activists whose work appeared on the exhibition "Empathy, now!". I want visitors to be able to say the same after visiting the exhibition" - says curator Michał Bachowski. The exbition opens on Friday, 3th August in Design Gallery BWA Wrocław at 7 p.m. You are all welcome to see and feel the best examples of empathic design from all over the world.


Empathy, now!
Empathic design versus the great adversities of the modern world

FB: Empathy, now!

Curator: Michał Bachowski
Exhibition design: Agata Nowak
Graphic design: Danil Daneliuk

opening: Friday, 3.08.2018, 7pm.

Dizajn Gallery BWA Wrocław
Świdnicka 2-4

opening hours:
mon-fri 11-18.00
sat 11-15.00


The first edition of the exhibition took place during Gdynia Design Days 2018. See the 3D walk around Emphaty, now!

photos: courtesy of curator



Empathy, now! during Gdynia Design Days 2018, photo: Danil Daneliuk

Empathy, now! during Gdynia Design Days 2018, photo: Danil Daneliuk

Empathy, now! during Gdynia Design Days 2018, photo: Danil Daneliuk

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