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WROCŁAW: Cheers to boredom!

20.11.2018 City

Can boredom be useful? In the private, professional, or creative realm? Sure it can! In a custom designed space of Galeria Dizajn at BWA Wrocław everyone can do nothing for as long as they want. People behind the “Aż nuda się uda” [Let the boredom bear fruit] project prove that freeing oneself from the pressure to spend quality time can yield surprising results. Especially during the Christmas rush.

Saying that we went to an exhibition comes easier than saying we went somewhere to do nothing - say Magdalena Kreis and Natalia Romaszkan, curators of the project. It is believed that boredom is inherently bad. There’s even this saying that intelligent people are never bored. Meanwhile, boredom turns out to be a value in itself - giving us a moment to meet ourselves. It can also be a state that either precedes or stimulates the creative process.

With that in mind, the space of Galeria Dizajn was designed by pracownia k. known for its natural and unconventional playgrounds. Everyone is welcome to use it - especially families with kids that rarely have a chance to get bored. The space offers an environment in which you can spend your time - individually or collectively - without any “dis(at)tractions”: lying under a palm tree, roaming inside a custom-made tunnel or simply looking out the window.

Boredom is supported by invited guests such as Maja Brzozowska, Dominika Cieślikowska, Małgorzata Goliszewska, Elżbieta Jabłońska, Agata Nowotny, and Katarzyna Roj, who are presenting various ways and forms of getting bored and doing nothing. The event includes workshops for kids and adults, talks about the psychological and sociological aspects of boredom as well as a range of artistic activities.

Artist Małgorzata Goliszewska has prepared a series of (un)usual experiences in a gallery and beyond, while researcher Maja Brzozowska will be telling a story about boredom complemented with a set of practical philosophical and physical exercises that may help you see boredom in a completely different light and appreciate its potential.

Let’s enjoy the state of do-nothingness together. Let the boredom bear fruit!

Program and more info:

27 October 2018 – 12 January 2019
Galeria Dizajn at BWA Wrocław
ul. Świdnicka 2-4

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