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WROCŁAW: Brewing gold!

13.11.2014 City

An exceptional place is going to be opened in Wrocław really soon. The place, where human care and time change hops into gold. It’s the One Hundred Bridges Brewery (Polish: Browar Stu Mostów), an entirely authorial project that restores the forgotten brewing traditions by using original technology and craft style.

Unhurriedly, following the gold beverage enthusiasts’ authorial recipes, excellent beer is being brewed surrounded by red bricks and high ceilings of climatic, postindustrial interiors.

“Craft production is more expensive than manufacturing, because it’s a completely different cycle. Concerns shorten the production time to 14 days whereas craft breweries brew beer one or even dozens of months; it depends on the type of a brewery. So, it’s visible that the craft brewing process is demanding but eventually, the taste of beer is one of a kind. This taste follows the excellent quality, which is of the greatest importance to us”

says Grzegorz Ziemian, the co-owner and originator of One Hundred Bridges Brewery.

How has it all started?

The idea has been “brewing” slowly, like a real craft “old ale” beer. It started with a dream – Grzegorz and Arletta Ziemian desired to establish a brand which would epitomize good taste, local values and solid craftsmanship. Having visited many food and brew fairs, they met a perfect partner, the BrauKon company, which, thanks to innovative technology makes it possible to brew beer according to traditional recipes. Locality and ability to release creative potential of places and people have been crucial to us from the very beginning. All in all, it’s not solely about beer, but about happiness and about respect for a creator, taste and culture!

One Hundred Bridges Brewery is located in Wrocław, a city with many brewing traditions, in a building of the former “Wodomierz” cinema.  Climatic, brick-red interiors have been revitalized and turned into a space where beer is being brewed and can be tasted at the same time. Visitors may not only please their taste buds by sampling a gold beverage in a pub, but also satisfy their curiosity by watching the whole process of production.

The enterprise of restoring the brewing traditions has stepped over the borders of a mere beer factory a long time ago. As a result, it’s transformed into a space where people communicate, share their knowledge and experience. One Hundred Bridges Brewery unites everyone and passes on positive energy! That’s why people who work in the brewery decided to make a video in inspiring, local places, with PURO Hotel Wrocław being one of them. We are “Happy!” to be part of creative Wrocław! 

The opening of the brewery is fast approaching. The pub where everyone will have a chance to taste excellent beverages from English and German producers will open its door on November 14. The premiere of beer with a “Browar Stu Mostów” logo is going to take place in December! At first, beer  will be distributed on a local scale only, however, it will appear in Polish markets in the future.

Why “One Hundred Bridges Brewery” ?

“It’s because we want to build bridges between tradition and modernity, culture and people, the local and the global. Hundreds of bridges!”

the initiators of the Brewery answer agreeably. We keep our fingers crossed for the restoration of taste and invite everyone to grab a beer in Wrocław! Because, following the words of a famous Polish professor, it doesn’t exist unless you taste it ☺

Browar Stu Mostów Logo

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