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Vege map of Poznań (part II)

28.11.2018 City

We are pleased to reveal the second part of our guide to Poznań’s vegan and vegetarian restaurants. Although different in style, menu, and price range, they all share one thing: never compromise on the plant-based taste! 


ul. Jackowskiego 38

The pioneers of plant-based cuisine in Poznań can be found in a charming tenement house in Jeżyce – the city’s rapidly growing culinary mecca. On a hot summer day, you can sit in a lively outdoor space full of green plants and herbs. The menu is always tempting with its blends of Indian, Arabic, Japanese, and Russian cuisines rich in unique tastes and distinctive spices. Traditionalists will be happy to hear that Polish pierogies (filled with potatoes, tofu, and dill) are also on the menu. Despite enormous portions, desserts may be hard to resist: a piece of millet cake or cream tofu and nut cake, anyone? WYPAS wholeheartedly supports sustainable lifestyle by serving free tap water, watering your pets, and selling vegan cookbooks and vegetarian products. Open until 10 pm from Wednesday to Saturday – WYPAS invites not only plant-based, but long feasts :)

ul. Piekary 17, "Pasaż Apollo"

Mixtura, even though located in the center of the city, is hidden in a calm and blissful area of Pasaż Apollo. The interior is relaxed with a punk vibe: wooden floor, brick walls, wood pallets as tables, and – in summer – chairs and loungers on the terrace. The service is also relaxed and friendly. As a whole, the place is perfect for a meeting with friends. The menu is entirely plant-based, with burgers playing the main act. Served in crispy rolls (including gluten-free ones) with plenty of fresh vegetables and various types of sauce. There are a few vegetable burgers to choose from: millet burgers, beetroot burgers, green pea burgers and lentil burgers; and tasty mixtures to drink: fresh juices made from seasonal fruit and vegetables, rich in vitamins and nutrients. After a delicious and healthy meal, have yourself a little treat in the Apollo movie theater right around the corner!

Sczanieckiej 10/2 Poznań

Since 239 appeared in the Łazarz district, its residents have had no reason to complain about the lack of vegetarian spots in the neighborhood. Raw brick walls, industrial lamps and loft-like design have turned 239 into a stylish and cozy space perfect for meeting friends for coffee (and cake), breakfast and business lunch. The place offers a large selection of coffee, including specialty coffees brought from both Polish and foreign roasting plants. The owners make sure that each ingredient is fresh and eco-friendly, e.g. by buying vegetables from local farmers. It’s also worth knowing that 239 offers you a chance to order your very own weekly supply of eco vegetables! The menu offers traditional and vegan omelettes, savory quiches with crispy and buttery crust, divine soups and sandwiches with smoked tofu or hummus. Healthy, nutritious, ane elegant.

Zielona Micha 
Ul. Górna Wilda 89/19

A tiny spot in the Wilda district offering meals made of fresh and unprocessed ingredients. The menu changes daily, but the beetroot burger remains the signature dish. Equally famous are falafels with hummus and chickpea omelettes. And if you feel like having a bite of something that feels like home, order a soy chop with potatoes and mizeria! Take home some products from the green pantry such as coconut lard, soy-onnaise, pierogies, and patés. This place was born to make you feel at home :)

Żydowska 11

People are important, not places” is the motto of this charming place located a two-minute-walk from the Old Market Square. The somewhat moody opening hours (Mon.– Fri. noon-8 pm) no longer matter when you finally get there and taste those divine falafels and creamy soups prepared by the crazily passionate owners. So if you want to drink a craft beer or have a cup of good coffee with a piece of cheesecake and a little chat about astrology, travelling, and quantum physics, come to Warzywniak. That’s where you take it slow to enjoy little pleasures.

Vege Pizza
ul. Głogowska 29

The only entirely plant-based pizza parlor in Poznań, serving you vegan and vegetarian pizzas. Have one with spicy jalapeno, beetroots, or chanterelles, or try one of the specials: with artichokes marinated in garlic and parsley or with vegan salmon and jerk jackfruit. Besides pizza, the soup of the day is served daily (try delicious cabbage soup), and so are vegetarian desserts and plant-based spaghetti bolognese. The place is close to Poznan Main Station, which means you can enjoy a vegan meal on the road.


text: Agata Kiedrowicz, Zuzanna Przywecka
photos: courtesy of restaurants' owners

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