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TRÓJMIASTO: Główna Osobowa

30.11.2016 City

The location is perfect: a place right in between the Gdynia train station (a must-see architectural marvel), a marina, and a pier. Created to satisfy the maritime, wolfish appetites with energetic breakfasts, a vast array of sumptuous lunches and dinners with original cocktails served late in the night (!). Główna Osobowa is the fruit of a romance, like owners say, between the kitchen and the bar. What other romances did it take so that this marvelous culinary child could come to life?

On the website of your restaurant you assert the guests that it’s all casual, stress-free and passion-driven. What is the philosophy behind your actions and cooking?

Główna Osobowa came to life more than a year ago after a group of friends joined in their passion for cooking. Our main aim was to create a place that would go beyond the frames which define the neighboring spots. We think locally and that’s where we always start. We do our best to work with local products, but we’re also no strangers to oriental influences. The entire idea of going local is visible not only on our plates and in our glasses. We try to actively participate in the life of our neighborhood and the city. We are very glad that we can contribute to the development of the culinary scene of the place we live in and we’re exceptionally creative in how we do it.

Recently, you introduced a new, autumn menu. What are its main tastes? How is Tomasz Kuberna doing as the new chef?

Our new menu is much simpler than the ones we’ve had so far. Tomasz pays particular attention to the treatment and preparation of food. One of the most essential things for him is the quality and the source of ingredients. That’s what makes his dishes simple, but incredibly tasty and to the point! At the moment, due to the autumnal aura, it’s rather warming and a tiny bit more filling. Everyone will find something for themselves, we have both vegetarian and vegan options perfect on a cold day.

We’ve heard that your toilet availability information system is a genius solution. Can we find any other design gems inside GO?

That’s true, our toilet system is something very interesting that often takes our guests by surprise and puts smiles on their faces. The entire place was designed by Filip Kozarski and PB/STUDIO. As it’s the case with each of their projects, every detail is well thought out. So, apart from the already mentioned system, we have such solutions as a magnetic board (it resembles the train schedule board) where we display our menu; we also have and use letters that were once used on old train station information boards. We also love our cocktail table whose height can be changed depending on the time of the day thanks to a cast-iron winch that was attached to it during its construction. You can see lots of artisanal solutions inside our walls: we stamp our business cards and always write our menu on a typewriter of an old Łucznik type.  

What are some of your non-culinary passions that influence what your guests are served with?

We try to draw ideas from everything around us. We are lucky enough to be doing things that are fun and give us pleasure, no matter if it’s the kitchen, the bar, the catering, or the administrative stuff (yes, that can be fun too!). I believe that the energy we put into making each of these things work influences the overall effect that eventually can be seen on our plates and in our glasses.

Główna Osobowa

ul. Antoniego Abrahama 39
81-366 Gdynia
phone: 730 630 000

Opening hours:
Monday - Thursday  8 a.m. – midnight+
Friday - Saturday  8 a.m. – 2 a.m.+
Sunday  9 a.m. – 10 p.m.+

We serve breakfasts until 12, the main menu is served from 12 to 10 p.m. Appetizers are served until closing. You can book a table by calling us.

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