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TRICITY: Utterfelt. Anna Królikiewicz’s sensory exhibition

24.09.2019 City

What if an image could suddenly become alive and three-dimensional? What if it were tangible, possible to be experienced with the tongue, the ear, the nostrils? Flat screens and image-saturated reality cannot satisfy us any longer, which is why - both in the arts and in life - we return to the body and the senses - the tangible and the material. 

Anna Królikiewicz, an artist and professor of Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts, specializes in paintings and large-scale drawings yet hasn’t used either paint or a brush for nearly a decade now. Instead, she took to food matter so that she could be closer to the audience. Each piece of food, as it goes through our internal organs, leaves a trace and prompts a thought without filling the space and the archives with waste as is often done in the era of compulsive overproduction. - This immersion in the world, the inhabiting of it and being part of the inside stimulates direct experiences and is a deep way of aesthetic engagement. We experience a more and more urgent need for being one, being part of something, for reciprocity, for community - including the one at the table - and for a renewed common language. Interpersonal. Interlanguage - says the artist.

od sufitu, od dębu, od marchwi* is a retrospective exhibition of Anna Królikiewicz’s oeuvre featuring a selection of her latest work curated by Emilia Orzechowska. Together with an upcoming monograph Międzyjęzk, the exhibition expresses the artist’s notion of the foundations of the senses and the art as it rests on top of them. Both forms of artistic expression - the book and the exhibition - will premiere on October 3 in the National Gallery of Art in Sopot. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, they will be a feast for the senses.

Exhibition poster by Maciej Bychowski

Object from "Elswhere" series, photo: Bogna Kociumbas

"Doczute" stamp by  Sylwia Kasprowicz / Fusystudio

What should we prepare for? The space of the gallery has been divided into sections that correspond to senses - there’s olfactory work, sound pieces, visual artifacts from performances, and taste-stimulating elements (planned for the opening night). A sunken relief carving the surface of the wall meets an object gently protuberant, hardness meets softness, the monumental faces the fragile. Expect a metaphor of the table abundant in the remains of daily life, kitchen and artist’s studio utensils as art objects as well as artist’s notes and sketches. Accompanying the opening will be a sound performance by Michał Trzaska and Ken Vandermark that employs the rules of language and its performative nature, the phonic aspects of words, the pre-language. - Surrounded by the omnipresent and cold technology in the world where alienation reigns I appeal for touch, contact, and authentic immersion in the experience and the matter. Because what truly matters is what is “Seen. Trodden. Utterfelt. Uttersmelled.”**, as Miron Białoszewski used to write - declares the artist.

Międzyjęzyk is a publication that, in one volume, offers a summary of 26 years of Królikiewicz’s creative work together with a multisensory experience. Full of content (with texts and essays by esteemed curators and people from the art world) and enriched with sound (an album Stendek/Substancje with pieces recorded for the artist’s installation), the book will be published in a limited series of 300 volumes, hand stamped and numbered, 50 of which are one of its kind - with additional manual interventions inside. The publication will be sold during the exhibition and by a publishing house Wydawnictwo Doczute (from October 3).

 PURO has the pleasure to work with Anna Królikiewicz as a writer (PURO Mag) and artist (PURO Gdańsk). Feel invited to this truly sensory feast and let yourself taste the art!


Anna Królikiewicz, exhibition od sufitu, od dębu, od marchwi, and a launch of Międzyjęzyk
The National Gallery of Art in Sopot

Oct. 4 - Nov. 03, 2019 (Tuesday-Monday between 11 am and 7 pm)
exhibition opening will take place on October 3, 2019 at 7 pm

More info: FB



*Translator’s note: the Polish title of the exhibition comes from a poem by Miron Białoszewski “Karuzela z Madonnami” / “Carousel with Madonnas” and translates loosely to “of the ceiling, of the oak tree, of the carrot”

**Translator’s note: the words “utterfelt” and “uttersmelled” are neologisms created by Anna Królikiewicz and the translator of her book Katarzyna Podpora to convey the meaning behind Białoszewski’s original neologisms “doczute” and “dowąchane” that describe something that is felt and smelled repeatedly and intensively


Translation: Marcin Markowicz

Head photo: Lucyna Kolendo


Invitation for the exhibition by Maciej Bychowski

In artist's kitchen: preparation for the exhibition

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