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Slow Beauty. Top 5 natural skin care stores in Poland

30.03.2017 City

In modern Poland, eating local, healthy, and natural food has become quite a norm. However, when the fascination with organic restaurants, vegan blogs and vegetables from a local market becomes a norm, the time comes for other aspects of body care. Educated and aware of the importance of healthy and simple eating, we slowly come to realize that skin care products–just like food–do not grow on supermarket shelves. Where they can grow, surprisingly, are forests and fields from which they’re taken to beautifully designed eco-stores with a friendly and cozy atmosphere. Just for you we’ve created a guide to natural stores with natural beauty products to be found in PURO cities: Kraków, Poznań, Gdańsk, and Wrocław.

O JEJU! From girls for girls

JEJU, ul. Miodowa 9, Kraków

Most women passionate about conscious skin care will know the 10-step Korean Skin Care Routine. Those who have already read The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin – a recent best-selling book by Cho Charlotte – will know it for sure. Korean women have created an easy-to-follow routine of ten steps to take care of your skin every day. Steps you need to take include the recently extremely popular sheet masks, a proper make-up removal routine, toning, and the application of sera, oils, and peelings… There’s no room for half-measures and 3 in 1 products with immediate effect. According to female Koreans, taking care of your beauty is a ritual that has to be celebrated.

Inspired by this unique Asian concept, Mania and Roksana decided to open Jeju – a real-life comfort store in the Kazimierz district of Kraków. We’ll find here body care products from heavenly Jeju Island (where a lot of Korean beauty products come from and whose name inspired the Kraków store owners) as well as from local Polish producers such as Kobalt or Jan Barba Natura. Not only the interior, but all of the products attract with their undeniable beauty and care for detail. Walking through the door to Jeju, you no longer find yourself in a historic district of the city and are transported to the land of girlhood and delight. The very arrangement of colors in this place – light pink, dark green, white, gold – makes you feel blissful. Shelves bow under the weight of unique beauty products, each of which is a little work of art with its own story.  Jeju is by no means a traditional store with natural cosmetics. It’s more of a modern concept store where everyone up-to-date with the latest body care trends will find something for themselves. The well-designed interior feels like home thanks to friendly staff members always ready to help. The owners stress that Jeju is not only a store. It’s a gift from girls for girls. It’s a place that embodies the idea of sisterhood, a place where girls of different ages can meet, sit comfortably by the table and talk. Girl power!

FRISKA - a refreshing spot on the map of Poznań

ul. Kościelna 39a, Poznań

The very sound of the spot brings to mind nothing but freshness. And freshness is something the newly opened skin care store Friska is all about, offering only natural, eco products from trusted producers. The place is a mecca for conscious cosmetics users – vegans, vegetarians, allergy sufferers, or simply those who want their products to be fair – not only from fair trade, but also fair to the body. The climate of the interior on Kościelna street is neutral and raw, reminding of an interior at a standard chemist’s. After all, friska is a Swedish word for healthy.  Swedish simplicity and minimalism build trust, and so does the brand’s Facebook profile. It’s worth visiting because each post contains a lot of useful knowledge about eco body care brought to you by the store owners. A real success awaits this beauty place with a hint of Scandinavian minimalism.

GaliLu - fragrances out of this world

ul. Mokotowska 26 i 63, Warszawa
ul. Szeroka 15/17, Gdańsk
ul. Sławkowska 16, Kraków

With Jeju being a perfect destination for those looking for girlish blissfulness and Friska being a perfect spot if you’re looking for trusted and solid body care products, GaliLu is a neo perfumery for those who love luxury. Even though their flagship store is on Mokotowska street in Warsaw, you can smell its otherworldly fragrances in Gdańsk and Kraków as well. GaliLu offers niche products not to be found in chain stores. Enveloped in a sensual scent of Asian incense or a feeling of being on desert camel trip in the night, we can listen to stories of each fragrance thanks to staff members who love sharing their aromatic knowledge. All this narrative makes perfumes into something more than just an attractive gadget. They turn into an important element of our identity that affects our appearance and comfort. In nobly and elegantly designed interiors of GaliLu we will find unique fragrances as well as niche body care products. Fans of Aesop, a brand offering natural body products, will certainly find something that suits their needs. 

Urban Vegan

ul. Świętego Antoniego 35, Wrocław

Is an urban vegan a modern role model? Present-day tendencies show that residents of big cities are more and more likely to live a healthy and conscious lifestyle – without chemistry and processed products but, most importantly, without the need to hurt animals. What’s more, those who live this kind of lifestyle are no longer mocked and laughed at as they were a decade ago.  Now, their beliefs and practices win admiration and gain followers. Vegans have turned from being a weirdo minority to being a well-represented group whose needs are catered to by food and beauty products manufacturers. A lot of them still suffer the sorrows of a young vegan while walking supermarket aisles in Poland. Despite the fact that this situation has been changing over the years, we’re still far behind when it comes to stores that offer a wide range of cruelty free products (see stores in Berlin). What happy plant eaters do, then, is visit Wrocław where they can find a real vegan market where life is approached holistically. On Urban Vegan shelves we will find food as well as body care and cleaning products. Thanks to this place, vegans living in Wrocław can enjoy a vegan bath and a vegan meal in a house cleaned with vegan products.

Perfumeria Quality - Orient and the city

ul. Paderewskiego 7 Poznań

A one-of-a-kind perfumery – Quality – is located in the vicinity of the Old Market Square – the heart of Poznań. Back in 1838, the majestic building of Bazar Poznański housed a perfumery. Nothing has changed. The Poznań perfumery (one of the seven in Poland) offers its clients an unusual collection of top-quality perfumes. Niche fragrances composed from natural ingredients and by the best noses in the world become even more valuable in the era of mass-produced perfumes. Fragrances proposed by the Missal family are not to be bought in a hurry. Like a good whiskey, cigar, or classical music, a fragrance has to be tasted slowly, befriended, understood. Intricately made bottles, unique fragrance compositions (with oud oils and notes brought from Oman among others) and professional advice will make you feel special in every way. Also, you’ll meet Gucio the charming dog!

text: Zuza Mielczarek, Adi Kaniewski (Perfumeria Quality)
photos: courtesy of the stores, graphics Koreańskie kroki pielęgnacji: Zuza Mielczarek i Wojtek Gawroński for Jeju

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