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PURO MOOD FOR BOOKS: Beautiful details

06.06.2016 City

Our collection of books and albums is growing all the time. We simply can’t take our eyes off the new and inspirational treasures that have recently appeared on our shelves and tables! Visit the PURO Hotel Poznan lobby for a fresh dose of inspiration – page-turners and refreshing drinks will be waiting for you!

Eames: Beautiful Details

Details (and pleasures!) are important in life. That is the lesson we are taught by the most famous couple of designers – Charles and Ray Eames. The creators of well-known furniture, architecture, and graphic designs, as well as fabrics valued life as much as their work. Their post-war American enthusiasm and curiosity about the world made them live and work to the fullest – they were transgressing the borders of disciplines and stereotypes, celebrating their love for each other and design.

This special album is a real treat for the eye – created for the lovers of life and design. Essays by the Eames intertwine with visual gems – unique photos from the designers’ archives  as well as humorous and colorful patterns from their renowned House of Cards. The album is a visual celebration of beautiful details, taking the reader on a one-of-a-kind, inspirational journey.


Another item to enrich our KINFOLK collection. After KINFOLK Table the time has come for the interior. In its albums, KINFOLK continuously follows the slow life philosophy that inspired the creation of a magazine of the same title – the philosophy of simplifying one’s life, celebrating everyday reality and cultivating interpersonal relations.

KINFOLK Home takes us on a journey inside 35 houses scattered throughout Scandinavia, Japan and the US. We slowly leaf through the album whose pages lead us by the nose, the ear and the eye. Here we are smelling the freshly-cut flowers and Italian espresso, hearing a wooden floor squeak here and there. After a moment, refreshing minimalist white surfaces unfold in front of our thrilled eyes. There is no way out: we are totally in love with KINFOLK people and interiors.

Igor Mitoraj. Agrigento. Valle Dei Templi

An unusual dialogue between the antique and the contemporary, the clash of the silence of the ruins with the power of expression of the sculptor – the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento becomes part of a fascinating performance. The antique remnants of classical civilization come as the background for Igor Mitoraj’s gigantic sculptures.

Along Via Sacra, a path leading from one temple to another, in a meticulously arranged and time-honored space, Igor Mitoraj’s sculptures emerge as if they were gifts for mythical gods. Deconstructed, fragile forms symbolize the beauty, but also the imperfection of a human body. In the timeless setting, this silent, almost mystical performance transforms itself into a mystery play relived over and over again on the pages of the album thanks to Mario Ciampi’s excellent photographs.


The enfant terrible of contemporary art, Andy Warhol’s close friend and the icon of New York streets. Jean Michel Basquiat was one of the first people to connect the world of high art with anarchistic, subversive graffiti. A tag SAMO appeared on both his street works as well as works that were later exhibited in the most prominent art galleries. Basquiat compiled his own artistic dictionary full of expression, colors, abstraction, figurative painting, African symbolism and poetry. Even though his career lasted only a decade and came to an end with his death at 28, it has been extremely influential in the development of contemporary art. The album is the essence of Basquiat’s style – a true alphabet of eclectic modern times.

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