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POZNAŃ: Vege map of Poznań (part I)

24.10.2018 City

Poznań is a real gem on the culinary map of Poland. The birthplace of avant-garde, twisted concepts with delicious food, the capital of Greater Poland abounds with original restaurants, breakfast markets, and food cooperatives. Today, we’re taking you to iconic vegan and vegetarian spots where even the most picky palate will experience utter satisfaction. Off we go with the plant adventure! 

ul. 23 Lutego 29/33

Even though “PORAŻKA” stands for “FAILURE”, this place is everything but a loser! A perfect breakfast and lunch spot (breakfasts with coffee for PLN 12), Porażka lures with its reasonable prices and attractive location near the Old Market Square. The minimalistic white & wooden interior beautifully complements the cosmopolitan menu. The place serves vegan and vegetarian food from all over the world–shakshouka, hummus, African peanut soup, bibimbap, or Indian curry with chickpeas–and coconut tapioca for dessert. The owner herself makes sure everything is of top quality. Always happy to talk to guests, she shares her positive energy and knowledge of healthy and plant-based cuisine. You can enjoy listening to music being played from vinyl records and, last but not least, it’s worth noticing that meat lovers visiting the place don’t miss meat for a second!

ul. Rynek Śródecki 16a

Zenit is located in a pink pavilion whose history goes back to the 1990s and whose vibe has not change since then. As you enter the place you can feel the owners’ love for the old school thanks to abundant details from the period: compot served in Coca-Cola glasses, white plastic chairs, cutlery in red plastic baskets, and coffee in duralex cups! The menu includes vegan food served on paper plates: variations on Asian food are next to homemade meals and Italian pizza. There is wine, beer, and casual atmosphere – perfect for a crazy date and dinner with friends. If you want to go on a sentimental journey and try some healthy and incredibly tasty food, hesitate no longer. But, before you pay Zenit a visit, make sure to check out their social media for some insane graphic art!

ul.Romka Strzałkowskiego 15

Geranium is a sweet-scented plant used to brew teas and infusions. It heals the body and the mind, just like the rest of the impressive plant collection amassed in this green haven located in the Jeżyce district. While a lush garden and cooled wine with a hint of lilac syrup provided guests with relief during hot summer days, spicy mulled wine with honey will surely keep you warm in winter. The menu offers chops made of eco-friendly tofu, zucchini spaghetti, celery chops, spelt pancakes, and stewed cabbage with smoked tofu and baked potatoes. There is a broad selection of flowery/herbal beverages to choose from, including matcha and green cocktails. When it comes to dessert, buckwheat & almond dark chocolate brownie sprinkled with fried buckwheat seeds is simply to die for!

ul.Wawrzyniaka 19 

Even though FALLA was first opened in Jeżyce, Poznań, its exotic food can now be enjoyed in Tricity, Warsaw, and Wrocław. The place serves aromatic cuisine from the Middle East and North Africa on wonderfully colorful tableware. The inviting richness of hues and flavors on a plate is so enticing that the place is almost always packed with guests. The autumn menu includes a beetroot burger, tacos, and chilli-sin-carne burritos. Fatima’s hand, however, is the queen of the menu – FALLAfels, various types of soft and puffy hummus, pickles, and fresh vegetables are served with pita bread. Wraps, served in different variations, enjoy equal fame. For seaweed fans there is an avo-nori wrap with beetroot falafel, avocado, edible nori seaweed, herbal mascarpone, seasonal vegetables, rucola and amba sauce. As for drinks, there are cocktails, wine, and warming ginger perfect for cold days. Please take your meat-loving friends with you – they may decide to change their eating habits!

ul. Ratajczaka 18 D "Pasaż Apollo" 

If your friends are gluten-, lactose-, or sugar-intolerant, but still dream about a real birthday cake – SoRrir is the place you are looking for. Black Forest cake with chocolate, cherries, and real cream (how do they do it?) will literally sweep you off your feet! Just take a look at the photos on SoRrir’s social media… so tempting! Sweets and acai berries rule this place. You can try the Acai Bowl with the flesh of the acai berry brought straight from the Amazon region or compose your own superfood bowl (and eat it there ot take it to-go) out of various fruit, chia seeds, goji berries, guava, and Barbados cherries. SoRrir also serves heavenly smoothies, Brazilian coffee and warming drinks. Come here on even the most gloomy day for a dose of health and positive energy!

ul. Kanałowa 15

This place is all about the quality, not quantity, although the portions won’t leave anyone hungry! The menu offers only three meals that change every two weeks. And what meals are these! Meticulously prepared, full of flavors, colors, and texture; in other words: thought through to perfection! The already iconic sweet potato pancakes keep returning in continuously new versions while the original reinterpretation of the classic pad thai takes by surprise even the most experienced foodies. There are colorful sushi donuts with avocado, cucumber and salmon carrot, sweet potato rolls with green pea chops, flavorsome cream soups… and divine tofu cakes for dessert (we especially recommend the one with peanuts). This pet-friendly place with a cozy interior and super nice owners will welcome everyone who’s hungry and thirsty. The fusion of Polish imagination with flavors of the world has never tasted better!


text: Zuzanna Przywecka, Agata Kiedrowicz
photo: courtesy of restaurants' owners
illustration: Foxtrot Studio

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