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POZNAN: Shaken, not stirred. Top 5 wine and cocktail bars in Poznan

31.01.2018 City

Wine with friends, crazy night out, romantic dinner? Or, perhaps, you follow the rhythm of the city on your own? No matter what you do, every occasion deserves a special setting. That’s why you should join us on a trail to the best wine and cocktail bars in the city with craft, carefully selected alcoholes to warm up your body and soul. We have chosen five unique spots that excel in the quality of taste. 



MUS bar & view
Bałtyk Tower | ul. Roosvelta 22

Let’s start in the sky. The freshly opened MUS Bar & View is the highest restaurant in Poznan, located on the top (fifteenth) floor of Bałtyk Tower (a new office building designed by a world-renowned architecture studio MVRDV), offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the city. According to the owners, „the view does not serve an aesthetic function only, but gives us culinary inspiration and strengthens the connection between the bar, its guests, and the city.” We did feel the connection, truly :) Sipping one of original espresso-based cocktails, we gave our whole selves up to the rhythms of the city and live music. Not to mention that our hearts have been won over by a beautiful copper bar and fancy bartending tools because, let’s admit it, we still love Ally McBeal ;)


Źródło Bar
ul. Taczaka 15

Now, let’s get down to Earth and a few steps underground to find uncompromising and heavenly quality and taste. Źródło* is an original cocktail bar covering a small yet well-designed space where you can try the best craft alcohols such as whisky and vodka from small-scale Polish distilleries and all the world’s corners (a total of 350 bottles from all over the globe!). Attuned to changing seasons, the bar makes its own macerates, tinctures, bitters, preserves and syrups you can taste in the cocktail gems delivered to you by virtuosos of bartending. Źródło’s location in the city center allows for a perfect beginning of a night out, a date or a weekend celebration.

*the Polish name Źródło stands for English spring – a place where water wells up from an underground source.

ul. Wojciecha 7/1

Interesting wines from interesting places brought to you by interesting people – this is how Michał Więckowicz, aka Wine Coach, introduces his wine bar. Definitely too modest an introduction, considering that Michał’s wine bar offers crazy and twisted wines you won’t find anywhere else. We have wines smelling of space and wind, salty ones, wines flavored with herbs and the sun, raw, acidic, and even volcanic! The idea is simple. To drink whine and be able to feel the place of its origin with all your senses. Taste the landscape – the earth, the mountains, the sea. Each bottle comes from a different corner of the world, but the production is similar in each case, stressing minimal human involvement in the fermentation process. Michał will tell you all the rest. But make sure you come on foot–a visit to Winelove won be only about listening :)



Wyspiańskiego 13

Rays of afternoon light vigoriously flicker in glasses filled with wine glistening with burgundy and gold while fleshy olives on a plate revel in the sun. Laughter, conversations, and cluttering silverware permeate the air… the lively sounds of a vibrant city. You are in Spain, in one of the oldest wine countries in the Mediterranean basin. Cut.
How do we bring the hot climate of the Iberian Peninsula to gray and freezing Poland? Incapable of changing the weather, we do have a say in what we eat and drink. The Barrio wine bar serves the best Spanish alcoholes and snacks–carefully selected wines from small and local vineyards, delicious olives (especially those with garlic or anchois!) and traditional tapas. Top quality and affordable prices invite spontaneous visits without a special occasion. Our team visits frequenty, so chances are we’re going to meet over a glass of exquisite Spanish wine ;)

Magazyn Food Concept
ul. Księcia Mieszka I 1

If all you want is for your food to be tasty, just pay us a visit – say the founders of Magazyn. All they say is true – it’s delicious, local, and of high quality. The space, designed with a characteristic flair by owner Łukasz Świniarski, features a blue wall proudly exhibiting wines from all over the world. You can have a glass on site or take a bottle home because Magazyn also works like a market, giving you an opportunity to buy coffee, tea, juices, vegetables, fruit, preserves and bread. Every product is made on site or grown on eco farms several dozen kilometres from Poznan. The menu is based on the availability of seasonal products, so seasons are the trendsetters. Invite your friends to an evening with a sommelier to taste delicious wine and drink knowledge.


text: Agata Kiedrowicz 
photo: courtesy of the locals' owners; Barrio photo by FOTOGRAF-Y

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