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POZNAŃ: Pure Pleasure Seeker

27.02.2018 City

A sunny enclave has filled a crack in the frozen soil of wintry Poznań. A space of authentic pleasure inspired by California tastes and Italian temperament has been serving the best pizza in the city and delicious, original spritzers ever since it popped up in a tiny spot in Poznań’s Wilda district. Everything in the name of pleasure.

Przyjemność (a Polish word for “pleasure”) is the brain child of Bartek Grochowski, an owner of Źródło cocktail bar, and Mateusz Łuczyński who co-created Falla, a small joint with delicious Middle East cuisine. Together they’ve also brought to life the now-iconic Nocny Targ Towarzyski (The Night Market), blending clubbing and the love of street food. This time, Bartek and Mateusz are joined by Mateusz Sarnowski, known as Mati Pichci, who plays the double role of a host and a chef in the newly opened spot. Covering nearly 30 square meters, Przyjemność serves California-style pizza and delectable, unique spritzers, cherishing top-quality ingredients and a casual, friendly atmosphere. Samanta Walczewska has been in charge of visual identity while designer Adam Wierciński created the interior.


Przyjemność is all about the magic of eclecticism, both when it comes to the overall concept and a diverse but like-minded group of people behind it:

We were inspired by California, its multiculturalism in particular. That’s why we don’t stick to typically American features, but draw on Italian, Japanese or Mexican traditions. The place we created makes you feel as if you were in somebody’s kitchen and that’s because of the open cooking space. At the same time, you can feel the atmosphere of the street when you look at the front of the open kitchen–inspired by the recently popular street food aesthetic. That’s where the idea for the canopy-like element above the kitchen window came from. We do believe in the magic of eclecticism. Our menu is here to prove it. We try to take what’s most interesting from each culture to provide our guests with the best culinary experience possible. Our collective is made of people experienced in the field, people who absorb inspirations on a daily basis and want to share them with guests through taste. Each of us is different but, at the end of the day, we strongly believe in what we do, and that’s a unifying thing.

- says Mati, who loves serving pleasure on a plate. Always ready to tell some stories about good food, he is constantly seeking inspiration and new tastes he can later share with guests (and with love). On a daily basis, he is the one making sure that the food is of top quality.

What are the secrets of Przyjemność?

San Marzano (DOP) tomatoes–arguably the best tomatoes in the world growing in volcanic soil of Mount Vesuvius–are the base of each pizza we make. Equally important is mozarella cheese, in our case, fresh fior di latte. But we also have Buffalo mozarella for demanding gourmets. Last but not least, there’s our greatest secret, a long-ripening dough based on Italian flour.

Each pizza comes with a set of original sauces: mango mayo, chipotle mayo, tequila, salsa, and a few dozen sriracha flavors (for the bravest) to turn up the taste even more. Last weekend’s winner was pizza with pulled pork, black sesame seeds, baked Italian potatoes and rosemary – everything on Italian tomatoes with a chipotle twist. There are also options for plant eaters: Vegan Dream with vegan mozarella and, known as Sicilian caponata, a blend of eggplant, olives, capers, celery, caramelized red onion and parsley. Vegetarians surely won’t resist Vege Blue Wave with its melting burrata and sun-dried tomatoes. Finally, spritzers… Here, you can go anywhere your imagination takes you! Even classics such as Aperol Spritz get spiced up with a touch of craziness. Apart from the permanent cocktail menu with options such as Cucumber with an olive or Rose with lime, every weekend you can try some Prosecco-based variations–recently with a hint of cider and pear syrup.

People behind Przyjemność have not only culinary goals, but also social ones. Drawing on the zero waste philosophy, they want to set up their own brand of beauty products based on coffee and citrus fruit peels. Each peeling and soap will be enriched with coconut oil and fantastic hand-pressed (coconut/ fennel flower/ linen/ rapeseed/ sunflower) oils from Ms. Ela from the Podlasie region. Bartek and Samanta discovered her house in the middle of a field during one of their trips. The name of the beauty brand with 100% natural products will be „Czysta Przyjemność,” meaning „Pure Pleasure”.

Even though Przyjemność has been here for only a month, its pizzas sell like hot cakes. Also, since the place is always bursting at the seams we think it’s good to book a table! What’s the secret behind this tiny pizza spot in Poznań’s Wilda? Bartek, Mateusz, Mateusz the chef, and Samanta answer with one voice:

We give our guests pleasure on a plate because we love it!

And we know they put these words into practice ;)




photos: Przyjemność

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