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POZNAŃ: Malta Festival

20.06.2017 City

Malta – an artistic island brought to life 27 years ago – once again invites you to experience freedom and diversity. Between June 16 and 25, Malta Festival – one of the most important cultural events in East-central Europe – will feature a whole array of initiatives related to a broadly-defined concept of culture.

This year’s edition continues the project initiated in 2010 called Idioms – defined as subjects and topics crucial to our understanding of the world. In 2017, the organizers will bring us closer to the Balkan space with all its by all means interesting history and cultural richness. 

This year’s Balkan-themed edition of the Festival takes an insightful look at Europe, Poland and us – all those gathered in micro-communities. It’s the eighth Idiom already, and for the eighth time it becomes a mirror in which we can see our own issues reflected and confront them – says Michał Merczyński, the Director of the Festival.


Nejc Saje The Republic of Slovenia

Nejc Saje The Republic of Slovenia

Malta has always been all about theater – open-air theater, off theater, experimental theater… A program prepared by curators of this year’s edition – Oliver Frljić and Goran Injac – as part of the Balkans Platform boldly encompasses the diversity of Balkan contexts and stories. Frljić: - Our program is very risky. It is supposed to make you discover the new instead of just rediscovering something you already know or you think you know.

In various locations scattered around the city (Plac Wolności [the Freedom Square], Adam Mickiewicz Square, Stary Browar [the Old Brewery], Scena Wspólna [the Common Stage], Teatr Polski [the Polish Theater], Teatr Nowy [the New Theater], Kino Muza and Baltyk among others) we will experience theater as well as dance, film, visual arts and, of course, music. In the past the festival used to invite artists such as Faith no More, Sinead O`Connor, Kraftwerk, Michael Nyman and Nine Inch Nails…This June, we will hear the avant-garde masters of atmosphere – Laibach – while Poland will be represented by Dr. Misio, Tymon & The Tranistors and L.U.C. who, together with musicians and cyclists made the grand Bike Bands Opening of the Festival on June 16.


The heart of the festival is beating in Generator Malta located on the Freedom Square, where the organizers encourage a symbolic as well as tangible negotiation of freedom. Here, you can attend film screenings, meetings, debates, workshops and see artistic interventions or monodramas (with Jan Peszek or Danuta Stenka among others).

The event is of even more profound importance due to the fact that, for the first time, it has received no financial support from the Ministry of Culture. The lack of support doesn’t discourage the organizers. Quite the contrary. They’ve used crowdfunding to raise funds necessary to organize the festival. The initiative has been a great success, with more and more people willing to support the noble cause! Notably, most of around 300 events require no entrance fee. In the upcoming days, almost 600 artists from 20 countries will present their perception of the world and Poznan will become the epicenter of culture.

Freedom Square

Silent Disco


Bike Bands Opening

- I hope that this year’s edition will become a platform where those who want to take a clearer and closer look at reality will have a chance to meet and engage in creativity. Let’s remain the citizens of the Festival Republic! – says Michał Merczyński.

Clearly, we take these words of invitation to heart, encouraging you to come to this unique festival.

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