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POZNAŃ: LaChapelle. Songs For The World

29.08.2018 City

Naomi Campbell, Miley Cyrus and the Kardashians seen through the lens of David LaChapelle now in Poznan! The one and only exhibition „LaChapelle. Songs For The World” opens September 5 in Stary Browar Art Gallery. 

„LaChapelle. Songs For The World”, opening on September 5 in Stary Browar Art Gallery in Poznan, introduces the work of the rebellious David LaChapelle, famous for his uncompromising, pop art, and often scandalous take on the art of photography. LaChapelle has developed a truly distinctive and inimitable style over the years and become one of the most acclaimed contemporary photographers.

The special solo exhibition celebrates the 15th anniversary of Stary Browar, always devoted to the promotion of culture from all around the world.

Having hosted hundreds of events each year, we know that our visitors have gotten used to the unique and varied artistic and cultural programs offered by Stary Browar, which is why we raise the bar particularly high when planning events as important as our fifteenth anniversary. On the other hand, our strong position as an art gallery makes it possible for us to bring to Poland well-known cultural figures and extraordinary art. Last year, we hosted the Bjork Digital exhibition and the artist’s avatar; this year, we are hosting the exhibition of David LaChapelle’s work created in close co-operation with a curator who, having worked with Stary Browar for years, knows and responds to the energy of our space as nobody else - says Joanna Tupalska, the Marketing Director at Stary Browar.


Earth Laughs In Flowers: Springtime 2008-2011 

David LaChapelle by Thomas Schweigert

On display in Stary Browar Art Gallery will be 57 of LaChapelle’s works, including the classics such as the “Rebirth of Venus” or “Showtime at the Apocalypse” and the newest pictures which have not yet been shown to the public. The curator, Wojciech Piotr Onak, aims to showcase the creative process behind LaChapelle’s development as an artist as well as highlight the themes the author turns to these days. This is why celebrity portraits–of Miley Cyrus, the Kardashians, or Stevie Wonder among others–are displayed next to landscapes or pictures from the “Awakened” series first shown in 2007. The legendary picture with Naomi Campbell from the “Rape of Africa” series will appear on the official poster promoting the exhibition “LaChapelle. Songs To The World”.

According to Wojciech Piotr Onak, an unconventional artist needs an unconventional space, which is why Stary Browar is a perfect platform for LaChapelle’s oeuvre. Its original design, blending traditional architecture with cutting-edge technology, embodies the eclecticism and panache of LaChapelle’s work. A shopping mall and cultural center in one, Stary Browar is pop art in its brick and mortar version. Offering top-quality entertainment, it proves that art and commerce can successfully co-exist. The upcoming exhibition, on view through December 10, will surely go down as one of the finest events ever hosted by Stary Browar.


David La Chapelle
„La Chapelle. Songs For the World”
September 5 – December 10, 2018
Stary Browar Art Gallery in Poznan
Opening hours: 12.00-20.00
Tickets: PLN 20


lead photo: Rape of Africa 2009 by David LaChapelle

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