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POZNAŃ: Jungle in the heart of the city

26.10.2018 City

Do you love plants? Do you feel like stopping for a second to take a deep breath and escape the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle? A plant zone, located in the heart of Poznan, opens on October 30 for everyone in need of a touch of green.

Plants make life better. Everyone who has ever brought a plant to a “plantless” room will certainly agree. Surrounded by the urban jungle, we long for a piece of greenery that soothes the mind and cleans the air. This is why Wnętrza VOX, Zarośla and ro_ślinka have joined forces to create a unique, green zone in the Bałtyk tower called The Bałtyk Ecosystem. The installation centers on the role of green infrastructure and the need to care about the space we live in on a day-to-day basis. The main hall of the building invites interaction not only from regular visitors, but from everyone who wants to pause for a moment and take a deep breath in the company of plants. Green zones help you relax, encourage you to make new friends, and tell stories about the enormous potential hidden in our green companions.

The green zone in the main hall of Bałtyk will be open for everyone from October 30 through November 24. The inaugural opening will take place on October 30 at 6 pm, featuring a guided tour with plant experts from ro_ślinka and Zarośla and a lecture on the therapeutic power of plants delivered by dr Jolanta Lisiecka from Poznan University of Life Sciences. The plant market will be organized on November 24 for everyone willing to take their favorite plant home.


October 30, 2018, 6pm

Main hall of the Bałtyk tower,
Roosevelta 22, 60-813 Poznań

more info: FB

Everyone’s welcome!


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