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POZNAŃ: Design TransFormations

28.02.2019 City

The only constant in life is change. So it is in design which, itself a lens on reality, remains in the state of constant flux. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that Arena Design - a festival that celebrates exchange between producers and designers as well as serves as a platform for the latest trends and designs - has chosen TransFormations as its motto. The upcoming edition is curated by Maria Jeglińska.

Through design, we can look at the world and the ways we create, produce, and consume. TransFormations, the motto of this year’s Arena Design, sheds light on a few tensions of our time: the tension between technology and craft, virtual and analogue realities, human scale and industrial production. To design is to follow neverending transformations in society, technology, and fashion; it is to observe the emergence and development of new tendencies while welcoming and affirming blasts from the past. As Wanda Telakowska used to say: Good industrial design is of value not only to economy, but also to culture. During a range of meetings, workshops, and exhibitions, we will be looking at a variety of transformations shaping contemporary design.

A key event of this year’s edition will be the Designers of the Year exhibition featuring the work of this year’s laureates: Fenek Studio, Michał Loba and Nikodem Szpunar. PURO Hotels is proudly supporting the initiative and sponsoring the award which, notably, has been given to young artists for the very first time. The exhibition perfectly embodies the diversity of the finest design. This year’s laureates are three inherently distinctive individuals with their own takes on design. Fenek Studio stretches the boundaries of design and artistic craft, Michal Loba has created his own, recognizable style that employs original graphic design and illustration, while Nikodem Szpunar has bravely entered the industry as an author of numerous and exquisitely designed products - says ARENA DESIGN creative director, Maria Jeglińska.

Fenek Studio

Michał Loba

Maria Jeglińska

"Zasoby" exhibition, photo: K.Pacholak

Why support young talents? - PURO Hotels was created out of love for good design and, for many years now, we have been cooperating with local creators, valuing talented designers, and collecting young artists’ work. Our very own collection of art is continuously expanding under the curatorship of Zuzanna Zakaryan. We want to contribute to the popularization of Polish art and design, become an actor in the field - says Małgorzata Jankowska from PURO Hotels. Michal Loba’s art will be featured in PURO Warszawa whose opening is right around the corner.

Apart from the exhibition of work by Designers of the Year, we highly recommend seeing Agata Nowotny’s Zasoby. Exploring the transformation of source materials into final products, the exhibition centers on a complex and fascinating process a source material (porcelain, wood, metal) has to go through before it turns into a final product, a cup, a chair, a fork - an item in our everyday life. Last but not least, 195x: How old is modern?, curated by Emilia Obrzut, will feature vintage items together with contemporary renditions of designs from the second half of the 20th century, thus contrasting the second life of objects with the recycling of timeless ideas.

TOP Design Award will once again celebrate the finest Polish design in a range of fields, including home design, public design, and electronics.

Open lectures will be delivered by guests from abroad - Massproductions, Geckeler Michels and Alexander Taylor. You are more than welcome to attend all meetings, workshops, and discussions.


March 12-15, 2019
Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie / Poznan International Fair
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