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Meals on wheels. Poznan Food Trucks

14.06.2017 City

It’s fast, it’s tasty, it’s mobile! Food in the heart of Greater Poland! The ever-growing lines in front of food trucks scattered throughout the city herald the arrival of summer. Rumor has it that more than one holiday romance has been sparked in a queue for a burger…

We can see with the naked eye that the trend for food straight from colorful trucks has been growing in popularity. Surely, it will come as no surprise to you to hear that the phenomenon has its roots in the U.S. Charles Goodnight is by all means the pioneering figure in the history of mobile cuisine. In 1866, this resourceful cattle driver purchased an old wagon from the U.S. army, transformed it into a portable kitchen wagon used on cattle trails and started distributing food among hard-working cowboys. Let’s have a look at where modern cowboys and cowgirls choose to fill their stomachs. Just for you, we’ve created a trail of Poznan-based mobile treasuries of taste.

Nocny Targ Towarzyski. The place to be!
Kolejowa 23

This summer, Nocny Targ Towarzyski – already featured in our mag – is the unquestionable mecca of meals on wheels. You just have to be there! Located on the railway premises, the market – initiated by Mateusz Luczyński and Bartek Grochowski – is the place to be for everyone craving tastes from all corners of the world, good music, and social integration under the blue (or rather night) sky.

We were truly surprised when we realized how much the residents of Poznań had needed this kind of space. The Market attracts all sorts of personalities – some come here for stand-ups and some for food-themed screenings. Others – thirsty for intense feelings – dance and eat during weekend parties and enjoy blissfully slow breakfasts on Sunday mornings – says Magda Stanek, one half of the MYTUJEMY duo, responsible for the selection of food vendors.  – Two weeks sufficed for the Market to make itself at home in the people’s consciousness. Now, they see no other way of spending their free time. Towarzyski has become an obvious choice. We are much more likely to resign from all the club craziness in favor of simple chill out and delicious food. We don’t have to searching for the place where we can meet all kinds of people – we’ve already found it :)

The organizers have promised to make Towarzyski the hottest summer spot. We dare you to check its temperature! ;)

Pig in Fog. The name says it all
Piekary 1

Some time ago, three friends – Mateusz, Piotr and Tomek – decided to share their passion for cooking. In order to do that, they built their truck from scratch and endowed it with an catchy name. What’s on offer, you ask? Tastes of childhood! – The food has to be as tasty as that of your grandma’s – these words have become the trio’s mantra. How can we, then, satisfy our taste buds on this sentimental journey? We can try pork shoulder prepared according to the finest Old Polish recipes or the hero of premium sandwiches – smoked and pulled pork. If you add to it a friendly and crazy group of people, fresh vegetables, and a carefully designed outdoor space in the very center of Poznan, you will see that the “Pig” is not in the “fog”, but in the never-setting sun!

Eyes Creams. All the sweetness of this world
Rybaki 22a

Let us introduce you to desserts you’ve never seen! Have you ever thought about a Nutella- or Snickers-flavored milk shake topped with a donut crowned with whipped cream dripping with liquid chocolate? We thought so… This sweet dream may actually come true if you visit Eyes Creams. Everything started two years ago, when Ola, the owner of the place, introduced a total novelty – Thai ice cream. The idea really hit the bull’s-eye! One food truck multiplied and, by the end of the summer, there were 4 on the map of Poznan. Now, you can enjoy Thai ice cream (made of cream poured on an iced grill) regardless of the season. It’s all thanks to Ola, a pyrotechnist by profession, who runs her sweet business at 22 Rybaki street. Fortunately, explosives are nowhere to be found in Eyes Creams, but there are enough sweets to put an end to all the bitterness in the world. Waiting for us is halva, Alpine milk and American-style pancakes and home-made waffles. That’s how the winner of the Miss Polonia Beauty pageant (yes, it’s THE Ola!) makes her sweetest dream – to sweeten other people’s lives – come true.




Bufet. Let the past come back
Kościelna 25

Just like every marriage needs a wife and a husband, every zapiekanka (in the picture – a type of grilled baguette with different toppings) needs high-quality ingredients and lots of love. Do you remember the 1990s and the first, modest fast-food spots? What you got then was a warm piece of bread of poor quality with few mushroom slices and a bit of grated cheese. Eating it was horrific. All the topping fell off the bread and glued to your palate. It seems that the times of zapiekanka have come to an end and will never come back. Luckily, there are some places which endow the relics of the past with a new life and define the nostalgic tastes anew. Nobody is taking shortcuts at Bufet: there are no cheese-like products or low-quality frozen ready-mades. To die for are the home-made sauces and fresh and crisp baguettes. – We prepare food we would like to eat ourselves. That’s why “Zapieksy Premium” are of a one-of-a-kind quality – say Ola and Maciek, owners of the place, who are going to walk down the aisle in two months!

Up In Smoke. The king of ribs
Kościuszki / Powstańców Wielkopolskich

A spot located at the intersection of Kościuszki and Powstańców Wielkopolskich is quite a treat for fans of gigantic portions. Everything here is impressive. An enormous truck (smokehouse and BBQ in one) parked near an enormous building of the University of Economics, with equally well-built men serving copious portions of ribs. Chefs’ biceps have to be impressive; otherwise, how would they be able to chop all the wood that would later burn for hours and hours, giving all its “power” to the roasting meat? After all, it’s the quality and type of wood that determines the amount of fat in ribs. – Beech wood helps meat keep the proper temperature while ash wood gives it flavor and color. There’s no room for a rush. Precision, slowness, and unique tenderness is all that matters! – says Filip, member of a group responsible for spreading the South-American barbecue tradition in the capital of Greater Poland. It’s a must-eat for fans of the made-in-the-U.S. culinary culture, as well as for those who don’t know cholesterol problems ;)


Text: Adi Kaniewski
Illustration: Foxtrot Studio
Photos: courtesy of food trucks’ owners

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