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KRAKOW: A taste in your pocket. On Krakow’s tiniest restaurants, part II

25.08.2017 City

The minimum of space and costs for the maximum of hospitality and taste. Pocket bars are slowly becoming the specialty of Kraków. Let us introduce you to the second part of our guide to Kraków's itsy-bitsy eateries. Take a moment to read about small spaces and prices rich in flavor and history. 

Youmiko Sushi Cracow 
ul. Józefa 2

The interior design is breathtaking – a high ceiling covered with hundreds of brown paper sticky notes adds airiness to a small space with four simple white tables. Altogether, there is room for 16 people and a few stools by the counter. The most important, however, is the wonderfully appealing and tasty food. Paweł, the owner of the place, knows the value of changing seasons. The menu features chanterelles, spinach, asparagus, and fava beans. Yuomiko also specializes in vegan and vegetarian versions of all types of sushi.

Kalejdoskop. Ukrainian specialties
ul. Westerplatte 1

An underground space you won’t find straight by the street. Little eateries often get lost in the city jungle, don’t they? This one has a rather modest interior, but that’s not the case. The service – speaking with a slight, melodic accent – is delectable and very helpful. It looks like around 12 people could find a place to sit inside. When it comes to food, we can choose from a whole range of pancakes with sweet fillings, Ukrainian pierogies with potatoes and cabbage, pelmeni with meat, minced meat cutlets, potato pancakes with a garlic sauce and, last but not least, soups: Ukrainian borscht, solyanka and pea soup. Each meal is best eaten with fat cream. Pure happiness! Prices range from 8 to 10 zl.

Umami Nowa Huta
Os. Jagiellońskie 9

Two girls leave everything they have in the city center and move to the Nowa Huta district. On Facebook, they announce: We’ve been telling you all this time that we’re going to open a food shack. This wasn’t a joke. The time has come for the presentation! You’re all invited to come and try tasty food straight from the shack. Instead of the cheapest hamburger you’ll get coronation tofu, and instead of a zapiekanka [translator’s note: a roasted baguette with cheese], we’ll offer you potato dumplings with seasonal toppings. The shack is indeed a shack. There are few spots to sit on right in front of it, but the food is also delivered in the closest neighborhood. All meals are vegan with a slight Asian or Indian twist. The menu features the already famous potato dumplings with basil pesto; dried tomatoes and hazelnuts; Moroccan-style vegetables; a sandwich with a peanut sauce and crispy vegetables; soups; and curry with peanuts. Prices range from 6 to 18 zl.

Hariprasad Samosa&Curry
ul. Dietla 45 (in the arcade)

This is likely the tiniest eatery in Krakow with the beautiful interior, exquisite food, and friendly service, where you can have a seat on one of the black velvet cushions on a colonial teak bench. On the right side you’ll find an oak shelf with three tall stools beside it. In front there is a kitchen with a few large burners and an oven. Finally, there is Paweł – the owner of the place with a smile on his face making samosas, i.e. Indian snacks the place is famous for. Samosas are served with a spicy tomato sauce or a light coconut-coriander sauce. There are also other dishes to choose from: moong dal with tomatoes and kale, eggplant with peas in a spicy tomato sauce, carrot and ginger salad with green chili, and laddu – a heavenly sweet dessert – with cinnamon and nutmeg. Prices range from 5 to 18 zl.

Ranny Ptaszek
ul. Augustiańska 5

A pocket-size eatery with a view overlooking the Kazimierz district and St Catherine’s church. The 1960s interior design is rich in pink and gypsy green hues. The color of numerous bibelots from the sixties matches the interior perfectly. Two tables and two windowsills-as-tables give space for 16 guests. The place opens at 8 a.m., which is unlikely on a culinary map of Krakow. You can have a sweet or savory breakfast, a lunch, or an early dinner. Most of all, however, you can have a cup of good coffee. There are bowls with different types of groat and fresh vegetables for vegans, as well as legumes, eggs, hummus, sauces and preserves for vegetarians. Meat-eaters aren’t left behind – they may try some baked sausages. Prices range from 10 to 25 zl.

Krakow’s tempting pocket-size eateries worth giving in to:

Mandu - Korean steamed buns and delicious pickles: 

Oriental Spoon: Bibimbap – the classic of Korean cuisine

Smaki Roślinne
: a vegan spot famous for its cakes and roasted vegetable baguettes

Mihiderka: great burgers – vegan only

Zamieszanie zupa bar: a paradise for soup lovers 

Mazaya falafel: the best falafel in Krakow

Pochlebstwo: a petite bakery with sourdough bread

Massolit Bakery & Cafe: baked-on-site delicious bagels with different toppings, delectable coffee and sweets

Curry up!: Indian cuisine

Hummus Amamamusi – the best hummus in Krakow in 25 variations

Café Lisboa serving world famous Pastel de Nata

Coca pizzeria: Scilian thin crust pizza; open till dawn 

Raw Nest: vegan food, delicious vegetable and fruit cocktails 

Pies Pianista: real French pancakes and savory galettes

Smietanka Nowohucka: everything you want for a Sunday dinner

Jak we Lwowie - Kuchnia Ukraińsko-Polska - Ukrainian-Polish cuisine, everything Lviv and Krakow residents dream about


text: Kasia Pilitowska
Illustration: Foxtrot Studio
Photos: courtesy of restaurants’ owners


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