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Gdynia Design Days: The storm is coming

29.06.2017 City

Gdynia Design Days – the one-of-a-kind summer event focused on good design is launching on June 30. Ten days of inspiring exhibitions and meetings, engaging workshops, lectures and film screenings under themed sections will unearth the best in design. This year’s leitmotif of GDD is #storm interpreted as creative unrest that generates the need for change and as the force that changes everything it touches. 

The Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia will once again become the heart of the festival. A rich program of the 10th anniversary edition will not let you feel bored – everywhere you go you will see well-designed objects, inspiring designers, as well as creative and striking ideas. The GDD organizers want to prove that #storm in design can be inspiring and affect all the senses. In its diversity, the program includes watching, touching, discussing, selling, buying, teaching, learning, and relaxing. 

Give yourself up to creativity

A workshop where you make jackets for the homeless, upcycling, the food of the future, service design, creative coding… these are just a few examples of workshops/lectures which, as of this year, have been divided into the following themed sections: graphics, industrial design, city + architecture, eco, and interiors.

Most importantly, however, Gdynia Design Days features insightful exhibitions showing what design is really about. This year’s main exhibition “City on the wave” will be devoted to innovative solutions that could be implemented in cities in the near future. According to the curator – Izabela Bołoz“These days, our cities are undergoing profound transformations. Their borders expand, their populations increase, and their pressing problems get more and more complex. Traffic density, air pollution, urban green landscape management, the building of positive social relations or the development of poor districts are only a few challenges faced nowadays by authorities and residents in cities all over the world”. The exhibition makes an attempt at rising to these challenges.

The authors of the “Let’s talk about garbage” exhibition are also going to touch upon one of the most pressing problems we face these days, namely the problem of overproduction and wastefulness. Guests will also see an exposition devoted to the 100th anniversary of Dutch art movement De Stijl, the “infuture food lab” exhibition of the food of the future created by Natalia Hatalska and the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, as well as an overview of the best Polish design of the 21st century.

The festival will give you the one and only opportunity to get yourself some unique interior design gems such as products from the limited MANUBA collection created by designers in collaboration with local craftspeople. Drawing on the festival’s leading theme, the 2017 collection is inspired by the landscape of a beach after a storm.

For dessert, the Design Alive magazine will invite everyone to the Table of Ideas. You will have a chance to read a magazine, take a photo of you and the prototype of the Design Alive Award, watch a video from the gala or write a letter to editors and designers from the Tabanda group. The authors of the most captivating letters will receive a one-year subscription to Design Alive awarded by DA and a Diago chair from Tabanda!

#storm of attractions for the youngest

Children’s creativity knows no limits. That’s why the organizers have prepared lots of inspiring workshops and activities that will turn children into little designers. They will have a chance to design a unique playground or create a sea monster out of the things brought by sea waves. The Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia will be transformed into one big board game for a couple of hours, while Katarzyna Bogucka will invite young guests to help her “fix” one of her illustrations. Parents will collaborate with their children in an attempt to design either a child seat or a toy box. The program will also feature “The ABCs of Polish Design” – an exhibition devoted to Poland’s best design. Among 100 designs, next to furniture, glass, or porcelain – universally associated with design – the organizers have included less obvious things such as fonts, logos, toys, a locomotive, a neon light, a sailplane, a scooter, and even the tastiest Polish treat – Ptasie Mleczko – as well as a rubber ring called Ringo, used in the game of the same name played mainly in Poland.

The city of design

Even though the heart of the festival beats in PSTP in Gdynia, the design wave will go through the whole Tricity. When it comes to the fans of “eating out”, they should not miss “Design in the city” – an initiative during which the chosen restaurants will feature the best Polish design for a couple of weeks. Lamps, posters, ceramics, furniture, fabrics – all of it to acquaint you with remarkable design. The most successful hunters of exquisite design in the city will be rewarded by the organizers.

The Film Centre in Gdynia will host an exhibition of unique posters “P_ex – Interactive”. Why is it unique? Because it engages the audience by stimulating their sense of touch, sight, hearing or smell. Some of the posters work like puzzles, others transform according to the workings of one’s creativity. What’s more, a series of films whose main theme revolves around the city will await every cinema lover.

The Museum of the City of Gdynia will continue the Polish Design Polish Designers cycle which – this year – will focus on the work of one of the most famous and world-renowned Polish designers – Oskar Zięta. A visit to the Museum will also be a chance to see how the proximity of the Baltic Sea affects the design thought of regional designers as presented in Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka’s exhibition “Roundabout Baltic”.

Traditionally, organizers invite everyone to indulge in blissful relaxation at Design Terminal. Located in the Council of Europe park (Park Rady Europy), the terminal will turn into an information desk, relaxation space, and a dynamic exhibition to be rearranged and changed. Here, you will be provided with all the information necessary to plan next steps on your festival trip.


For the full program go to

Exhibitions – entrance free. Workshops – registration obligatory.
When: June 30 – July 9 2017
Where: The Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia

Instagram: @gdyniadesigndays
Official hashtag: #GDD2017 #gdyniadesigndays


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