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Gdynia Design Days: ERROR

30.06.2018 City

The 11th edition of Gdynia Design Days begins on Friday, July 6, at 6 pm. Every year, the largest summer design festival in Poland attracts creators and enthusiasts of design. For 10 days, the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia becomes the epicenter of design-related events, including inspiring exhibitions and meetings, engaging workshops and lectures as well as discussions and film screenings. 

As its slogan GDD takes ERROR, understood as something that stems from the overabundance of goods and technology as well as communication noise in both online and offline realms. Taking its roots in Latin, the word “error” evokes the notion of journey, thus promising new solutions and possibilities. The program of the festival includes 20 curated exhibitions and as many as 120 content-related events. Anyone interested in a specific topic can choose from five thematic sessions, i.e. ERROR, INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, GRAPHIC DESIGN, FASHION, CITY + ARCHITECTURE, and INTERIOR DESIGN. As usual, there will be plenty of events to ignite children’s creativity. This year’s edition, however, is truly international, bringing together around 150 experts from Poland and abroad and featuring innovative design from around the world. All the information about exhibitions is available in English; additionally, the program includes workshops and lectures in English. So, is anything particularly worth discovering?

Humanity vs overabundance

Overabundance is seen as one of the ERRORs of the contemporary world. Problems arising from information overload and the profusion of goods have become a starting point for the main exhibition entitled “Error. Would you like to continue?”, curated by Izabela Bołoz, as well as the “Overload / Przeciążenie” exhibition prepared by Dorota Stępniak. We are going to ask ourselves about the extent to which humans depend on technology, about the ways to maintain a balance between digital and analog reality, and about things we are willing to sacrifice for the sake of our own comfort. Exhibited designs include the KOVR jacket that blocks radio signals and radiation, making it impossible for digital tools to track us, and the Moment == Memory device that records our life with a camera attached to our body. As part of the ERROR session, we will listen to Michał Mazur’s (TrendNomad) lecture and talk about the addiction to technology and the creation of data.

We design to help

ERROR is also about facing the unexpected. The designer’s task is not only to make our everyday lives easier, but to respond to crises. “Empathy, now!”, curated by Michał Bachowski, is an exhibition on how to approach design in the era of conflicts and climate changes. As part of the exhibition, we will see the visual dictionary ICOON for refugees. Designed by Gosia Warnik, the dictionary is supposed to help people forced to emigrate due to various reasons find themselves in a new reality. “Growing Matters” (curated by Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka and Karol Murlak) will introduce us to new materials made of unused natural resources. For example, we will have a look at a chair made of a mixture of dry autumn leaves and bio-resin extracted from cooking oil. In the course of the festival, we will also see how innovativeness in design can be used to help people with disabilities lead more comfortable lives. The “MyHand” exhibition will present a design project that employs 3D-printing techniques in order to make possible the DIY production of personalized prostheses (team of curators: Wiesław Bartkowski, Monika Brauntsch, Dorota Cetnarska, Michał Piasecki, Dorota Kabała).

Creative synergy – design + business

It’s the third time design and business come together as part of the GDD program. “Design Talks Business” is a series of workshops aimed at entrepreneurs willing to work with designers. Responsible for the workshop schedule and planning is Change Pilots, a strategic design agency represented by Henryk Stawicki and Justyna Turek. A series of lectures and workshops called “Create and Carry”, on the other hand, is open to designers who want to enter the market with their products. Workshop participants will have a chance to listen to advice from Magda Przelaskowska from Google and Dariusz Puzyrkiewicz, the co-author of “Biblia e-Biznesu”, among others. What is more, GDD2018 will feature talks about the third edition of “MANUBA collection GDD”. The collection, born out of the co-operation of local craftspeople and designers, will be on sale during the festival.


Kids, let’s do this!

“A kuku – Polish graphic design for kids” is an interactive exhibition of illustrations for children and adults with a child’s sensitivity. 15 works will speak to the diversity and talent of the best Polish graphic designers and illustrators. Every day, children will have a chance to participate in a workshop where they are going to develop their imagination and manual skills by building a city from Lego pieces, making a cardboard harbor, creating marquetry, and constructing teepees. The youngest ones will get to know the possibilities behind new technologies during the multimedia techniques workshop.

Make friends and get to know the city

GDD is a perfect occasion to meet new people and exchange experiences. The social networking heart of the festival will beat in “Strefa Spotkań” (Meeting Space) located in “Prototypownia” at PPNT Gdynia. Here, festival participants will enjoy coffee served by TŁOK, have a look at various publications about design and relax. GDD organizers warmly encourage everyone to explore the city–many cafes, stores, and institutions in Gdynia and Tricity will feature smaller exhibitions and well-designed objects. Those seeking relaxation will surely find it in the Design Terminal in the Park Council of Europe (Park Rady Europy) where the #offline exhibition–focused on unique interior design objects from LUMANN–will be presented. Lovers of beautiful gadgets and everyday objects will certainly enjoy the idea of attending the industrial design fair Gdynia Design Days <3 Bakalie. Inside the modernist building of Cech Rzemiosła i Przedsiębiorczości, young Polish brands specializing in jewelry, pottery, carpet making, lighting, and graphic design will display and sell their products. On your search for inspiration, it is also worth going to Klub Marynarki Wojennej “Riwiera” which, for the duration of the festival, will be transformed into the Design Alive House of Ideas.



Full GDD2018 program can be found here
Exhibitions and lectures – admission free. Workshops – prior registration required.

When: 6 – 15 July
Where: Pomorski Park Naukowo-Technologiczny Gdynia/Pomeranian Science and Technology Park, al. Zwycięstwa 96/98
Instagram: @gdyniadesigndays
official hashtags: #GDD2018 #GDD #gdyniadesigndays

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