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Culture in POZNAŃ: Top five autumn premieres

08.10.2017 City

Autumn... leaves may be falling, but culture is blooming! Especially so in the heart of Greater Poland. With You in mind we have created a guide to the most intriguing cultural premieres in Poznań this fall. 

Children of the Revolution / Teatr Ósmego Dnia (Theater of the Eighth Day)

Once upon a time the cultural life in Poznań used to thrive seven days of the week. This state of affairs ended in 1964 – the year the Theater of the Eight Day opened its door ;) An incredibly rich history, dozens of performances and a multitude of extraordinary individuals, artists and awards complemented with a great dose of engagement constitute just a small part of the legacy of this merited cultural institution. Unceasingly threading the path of creativity, the theater holds something special in stock and it’s coming this fall – the multimedia play “Dzieci Rewolucji” (Children of the Revolution) will have its international premiere on October 8th, 7 p.m., at the Poznań International Fair (Głogowska St.). This open-air performance – co-created with a group of Croatian actors – is an in-depth analysis of social relations commemorating the 100th anniversary of the revolution. What drives peaceful individuals to enter the streets and throw invectives-stones at other, equally peaceful people? Directed by Jacek Chmaj, the performance is a journey through one hundred years – something in between the expressive force of the revolution as pictured in Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin and the cold-eyed rendering of images from Counter Strike-type first person shooters. .

Teatr Ósmego Dnia (Theater of the Eighth Day)
Dzieci Rewolucji (Children of the Revolution)
Premiere: 8 October 2017, 7 p.m. – Poznań International Fair, Hall No. 2
Tickets: 20 pln
e-mail: phone: 61 855 20 86


Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Polish context / Zamek Culture Center

One thing is certain – September 27th is the day Mexico came to Poland and Poznań became the most Mexican Polish city. Everything is due to one grand exhibition being held in ZAMEK Culture Center. “Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Polish context”, instead of presenting the ups and downs of Frida and Diego’s passionate relationship, turns into a narrative about the artists’ connections to Poland, e.g. a mysterious disappearance of Kahlo’s The Wounded Table. Organizers went to a lot of effort to show the artist from multiple perspectives. Apart from movie screenings held all over the country, various restaurants offer their guests a chance to taste Frida Kahlo’s Cuisine. (In Poznań you can try it in Concordia Taste, Zwierzyniecka St.) Also, the Embassy of Mexico has been working on a series of live-streamed courses in Mexican art and culture, while Wrocław, Kraków, and Warsaw will hold photography exhibitions. Everything thanks to Poznań sparking the Mexican craze!

To give you the chance to delve deeper into the artist’s work, ZAMEK has prepared a series of accompanying events: museum classes, lectures, guided tours, creative workshops, and a film screening in Kino Pałacowe.

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Polish context
CK Zamek (ZAMEK Culture Center)
28 Sep. 2017 – 21 Jan. 2018
Tickets: 20/25 pln
More info: Frida na Zamku


Rigoletto / The Grand Theater in Poznań

In the era when the word „opera” is more likely to be associated with a web browser than with a moving work of art we do believe that a real opera can turn into an exotic and fascinating experience. The opera house in Poznań (known as the Grand Theater, 9 Aleksander Fredro St.) is preparing a bold opening of the season – the premiere of Rigoletto (October 14). Since its first staging in 1851, the opera has undergone countless reinterpretations. Curious about Marcin Bortkiewicz’s interpretation of the work (the director himself known so far mainly for the movie "Walpurgis Night"), we approached some members of the Theater staff. They gave us the answer: "it’s going to be stifling, dark, unadorned, thick, apolitical, and directed towards human emotions…" Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

It’s worth knowing that the Grand Theater employs around 400 people and continuously pays homage to the old, good tradition. Here, nobody takes shortcuts. Each and every stage prop is customized and hand-made. The effort of all the shoemakers, dressmakers, tailors and artisans transfers to the experience of the spectator who gets immersed in the magical world of the opera and its magnitude of detail. Traditionally, the Theater co-operates with artists do not directly related to the opera environment. Fusion in its best form!

The Grand Theater in Poznań
Premiere: 14 October 2017, 7 p.m.
Ticket prices start from 53 pln

Björk Digital / Stary Browar 

Meet Björk in completely different circumstances! The exhibition, whose Polish premiere took place at the beginning of October in Poznań, actively engages the audience by employing the latest developments in the Virtual Reality technology. By means of an interactive educational space, the exhibition presents the innovative appsBiophilia – an app created by Björk herself – which helps you discover music, nature, and technology. Featured in the exhibition is also a wide variety of Björk’s videos encompassing the artist’s career spanning over 24 years as well as her co-operations with film directors such as the acclaimed Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, Nick Knight and Stephane Sednaoui. Rumour has it that the experience is breathtaking. So, we guess it’s a must!

Björk Digital
3  — 31 October
Tickets: 20/25 pln

Tricky / ZAMEK Culture Center

Moody, dark, charismatic and seductive. Tricky, the king of trip hop returns to Poland with the outrageously good material from his latest “ununiform” album! The premiere of the legendary artist’s new work took place on September 22. “ununiform” is Tricky’s first fully fledged album since his move to Berlin three years ago. The album features collaborations with wonderful female singers such as Martina Topley-Bird, Franceska Bellmonte, or Asia Argento. In the foreign land, the trip hop pioneer and co-founder of Massive Attack has found peace and creative inspiration, bringing us – after the dark and slightly chaotic “Skilled Mechanics” – a mature work surprising in its tone of internal harmony and ruminations about coming to terms with life. Those who have listened to Massive Attack know how hypnotic and seductive is the power of Tricky’s creation. The group recorded the best trip hop albums ever created, with Tricky being the driving force behind such productions as “Lines” or “Protection”. He has also collaborated with numerous, often legendary artists ranging from Björk and PJ Harvey to Cyndi Lauper and Alanis Morissette. “I don’t have to prove anything anymore and feel comfortable drawing on what I’ve created so far”- says Tricky and asks a rhetorical question: “People tell me the album sounds like ‘Tricky’, but what does it actually mean?” “ununiform” is a beautiful, intensive, and personal answer to that question.

Tricky - concert
Location: sala wielka (ZAMEK Culture Center)
21 November 2017, 8 p.m.
Tickets: 79 pln

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