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Culture in POZNAŃ: Essential exhibitions and festivals to attend this spring

15.05.2017 City

Spring in Poznań is all about art and design! With you in mind, we have selected must-see exhibitions and must-attend events that are going to be organized in the capital of Greater Poland in the upcoming days.

Galeria Miejska Arsenał
Stary Rynek 3 interactive:

Between April 24 and May 21, Arsenał invites everyone to an exhibition „Jutro nie przyjdzie nigdy” (Tomorrow will never come) – an effect of a collaboration between Katarzyna Krakowiak and Mirosław Bałka – which interrogates the meaning of words and signs we use to communicate, but not to understand each other. One more important question the exhibition embodies is the possibility of articulating our needs and fears. Using neon lights, music, and signs, Krakowiak and Bałka created a unique multimedia installation. Together with the curator Marek Wasilewski, the artists invite everyone to a guided tour on May 16, at 5.30 p.m.

...musically active...

Between April 21 and May 21 you will have a chance to see an exhibition of the best 2015 music album covers selected in the 30/30 competition. Visit the 30/30 fanpage for the latest news and exhibition coverage.

…and voyeuristic!

Between April 11 and May 28, Arsenał will exhibit the work of Jules Richard – a photographer-inventor who, in 1893, created the Verascope – a stereo camera he used to photograph the beauty of the female body. We will have a chance to step into a voyeur’s shoes by looking at three-dimensional, almost prehistoric – from out point of view – photos of naked women through a Photoplasticon – a one-of-a-kind, beautifully renovated device dating back to 1923.

World Press Photo
ZAMEK Culture Centre

ul. Św. Marcin 80/82

Crème de la crème of world photography already in Poznań! Between April 28 and May 21, ZAMEK Culture Centre invites everyone to World Press Photo 2017 – an exhibition dedicated to the world’s best press photography. Winning photographs were chosen out of 80 thousand submitted pictures taken by 5000 journalists from all over the globe in the categories such as people, events, contemporary issues, daily life, sports, nature, spot news, long-term project, and general news. Every year, the prestigious exhibition is visited by around 4 million people in 45 countries.

Night of Museums

Museums and cultural institutions in Poznan
May 20

The first Polish Night of Museums was organized in 2003 in the Poznań branch of the National Museum. Since then, other cities have followed in the steps of the pioneering city and the event has been organized nation-wide. During this one and only night, more than 30 cultural institutions in Poznan, such as Municipal Gallery Arsenał, University of Arts, ZAMEK, the National Museum, and MUZA movie theater, introduce a free entrance policy for a few hours. The major disadvantage of this event is… its variety. It’s simply impossible to visit everything on offer. This is precisely why we have selected a few particularly interesting options for you:

  • “Noc w Operze. Przed-Akcja” (Night at the Opera) in Grand Theater – the mysteries of operas. We will find out where stage rain and wind come from and learn the intricacies behind the lighting and all the technology behind the curtain.
  • “Unitra - czar muzyki z czarnej płyty” in Unitra Museum. Come if you want to find out what the now old-school dancings and 1980s computers – Atari or Comodore – looked like.
  • “ADAM SZULC BARBER SHOP” Between 5 and 8 p.m. Adam the Barber will be waiting for you should you want to have your hair cut or beard groomed. Also, there will be an exhibition of old beauty products remembering the Communist era, the stories behind which will be delivered to you by Adam Szulc – the shop owner passionate about the history of hairdressing. He will also be talking about symbols, traditions, ideas, and history behind barber shops.
  • National Museum in Poznań have prepared numerous events including workshops, exhibitions, lectures, and a concert… Perfect for those who would rather stay in one place!
  • Finally, fans of public transport will have a chance to get on a historical tram, which will be moving along the M tram line.

For more information on venues and exhibitions go here:

YES Gallery. Childhood
ul. Paderewskiego 7

YES Gallery is a space dedicated to exhibiting artistic jewelry created by Polish designers.
Between May 12 and June 10, the gallery will host an exhibition entitled “Childhood”. Childhood memories let us return to our better – more authentic and honest – selves. Thinking about childhood makes us think about happiness which was greater than it is now, but it also brings to mind how sad, even despaired, we used to feel about trivial matters… The exhibition, featuring the work of students from the Jewelry Department at the Lodz Academy of Fine Arts, presents how different our memories of childhood can be as well as the whole range of various associations childhood brings to our mind. Young artists designed and created jewelry that is not only light, colorful, and happy. Some items are intended to represent the fears from the past. “Childhood” exhibits the works created in the Jewelry Department under dr. Sergiusz Kuchczyński and in the Enamel Techniques Studio headed by dr. Olga Podfilipska-Krysinska.

The exhibition is organized as part of Poznań Design Festiwal. Once it closes, the jewelry will be put up for auction and the money will be given to children in need.

Poznań Design Festiwal

Poznań Design Festiwal, which grew out of Poznań Design Days, has already become deeply rooted in the consciousness of the city’s residents and in the calendar of city initiatives. The change of the name brought changes in the formula of the festival: it will be a space for pro-social activities centered around three elements: WATER-EARTH-AIR. A three-year cycle POZNAŃ MIASTO ŻYWIOŁÓW (Poznań – the city of elements) will be launched this year. The first cycle will focus on the Warta River. Waiting for us is a whole range of cultural and educational activities: small architecture design workshop, exhibitions, movie screenings, interactive installations. All of it in order to raise awareness about “water in the city”. After all, “everything flows” :)!

Information about the festival:

Article: Adi Kaniewski

Photos: courtesy of festivals and institutions

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