Marta Wojtuszek


Marta Wojtuszek is a graphic and visual artist from Beskid Niski. In 2018 she defended her MA diploma at the Faculty of Printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, in the lithography studio. She mainly works in traditional printmaking techniques, such as woodcuts. In 2021 she displayed her prints on carved wood, presented as objects, at the Dawn exhibition with Jan Jurczak, at the Serce Człowieka gallery in Warsaw.


Kite, 2020, woodcut

Marta Wojtuszek works in the oldest and most analogue printmaking technique, the woodcut. The basis of her every print is a wooden board, in which the artist hand-carves shapes with a knife or chisel. She is inspired by nature, her works feature many organic and animal motifs, often captured in a highly simplified and deformed manner, with a few lines. Her works have the freshness and “naivete” of a child’s gaze, but also clearly draw from folk and Podhale art and artists of the prewar avant-garde, who used these patterns in more abstract works.

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