Maciej Polak


Mural - @ Łódź


Maciej Polak is a designer, illustrator, and creator of murals from Blachownia near Częstochowa. He lives and works in Łódź, where he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. His work draws from street art, comics, and skater artists. He joins design and art, and also makes murals, which can be seen in Łódź, Warsaw, and Krakow. He is the founder of a design shop and Ł


Mural, 2019

This is a large-format mural created by two Łódź-based artists with an interest in design: Maciej Polak and Bartłomiej Illcat. It was specially designed on commission by Hotel PURO and adapted to its architecture. It has a horizontal composition and a monochromatic navy-gray color. The mural is a geometrical abstract. Its dynamic form brings to mind the Russian Constructivists and a realm of imagination linked with science and conquering outer space. The spherical shapes and forms recall stones punctured by triangular “stakes.” It is no accident that this mural was ordered for the hotel in Łódź, known as the mural capital.

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