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Tartaruga is a weaving studio in Łódź, which was created from the shared passion of two friends – Jadzia Lenart and Wiktoria Podolec – lovers of crafts and unique design. Every day, modern kilims and decorative fabrics are created in the workshop. Each product is made by hand, using traditional tools and techniques. The wool used in the production process comes from recycling or from Polish, sustainable sheep breeding. Tartaruga fabrics are created with respect for the environment and employees’ rights.


Q: If you were creating a kilim that would best reflect the spirit of Łódź, what colours would it have?

A: Surely we would use several shades of orange and red – colours that immediately remind us of the post-industrial architecture of the city. As for the other hues, it would probably be grey, broken shades of white and yellow, because we got a liking for these colours just recently. And the spirit of Łódź would probably be reflected in the pattern. Maybe it would be inspired by our favourite places, or the work of artists associated with the city.

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