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Dominik Tarabański

Born in Poland, where he completed his MA degree in Photography at the Department of Cinematography at the National Film School in Łódź. Based in New York. His interests and inspirations revolve around visual arts, yet photography is the ultimate form of reflection. He believes that pure and organic forms lead to a smooth transition into the art domain. Less is more.

What elevates his artistic vision is very personal, unique use of color, tone and composition. With every subject, he aims to blur the difference between photography and figurative arts. Works of Dominik Tarabański were shown in more than 30 galleries across the world. He contributed to art projects organized by New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and Pratt Institute.

“This project was created solely by me, photographs of my own compositions, yet it was influenced by my mother’s positive outlook. I collect the sticks and flowers, arrange them patiently and in silence. The sticks snap, the flowers bend and die, rubber bands break, tape fails to hold the composition, things fall apart even before I manage to take a picture. I sit there, painstakingly working on each composition, and I never forget who told me to believe that everything is possible.

I would love to show my mum all the capitols of the world and more. Until I am able to do this
I will continue to share with her my postcards and these images of flowers I collect along the way. Roses for Mother.” says Dominik Tarabański

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