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Karol Pomykała

Graphic designer, artistic director. He mainly creates works in the linocut technique, combining traditional artistic graphics with new technologies. On a daily basis, he deals with digiital art and advertising. He took part in many national and international exhibitions, including the 7th International Ulsan Woodcut Festival in Korea, 6th Guanlan International Print Biennial in China,

10th and 11th International Graphic Arts Prize Jesus Núñez in Spain or the International Print Triennial in Turkey, Austria, Sweden and Krakow. His works received many prestigious awards and distinctions, of which the greatest recognition of his work was the Grand Prix of the International Print Triennial in Krakow in 2018.


Q: You create in a very specific technique – what is the most interesting and attractive in it, for you as a creator?

A: One of the many things that attracts me in linocut and in general in graphics is its simplicity and, at the same time, a huge complexity. It’s a difficult technique that requires a lot of experience, there is no room for mistakes. Linocut is created by cutting with special drawing chisels into linoleum, that cannot be changed and improved. I am attracted to this lack of improvement, there is no room for error.

In graphics I usually use black and white, which also means that I have to approach the subject more creatively. It is a challenge to achieve the effect I want with only two contrasting colours. The graphics are always surprising me, and I’m constantly learning new ways of creating it.

Linocut and woodcut have a long, fascinating history which unfortunately is being forgotten, it is also very inspiring.

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